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Man sentenced to jail for collecting rainwater

Discussion in 'General' started by rain dancer, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Um.....WTF thats the most ridiculous shit I've heard in a while. Fuck the system.
  2. So we need permits to collect 'their' water? Rain that falls from the sky belongs to everybody and nobody can put restrictions and limitations on what falls from the sky. Unless they 'made' the rain, it is not theirs. poor guy.

    "illicit rainwater"

    What a sign of the times.
  3. Control of the water much?

    If people dont start taking back basic human rights itll get worse.
  4. My favorite part:

    Someone should tell Oregon they are part of a democracy, where the public decides laws and elects officials to enforce those laws. Politicians don't even realize how corrupt they are.
  5. Uh, what? We apparently aren't free to collect rain from the sky. How absurd. I suppose next everyone will have to pay a tax for every time rain water touches their land. :rolleyes:
  6. home of the free... lol
  7. Ironically, if he'd built some sort of artificial device between the sky and the lake, he'd be within his rights....but because he just let it collect naturally without a rooftop, he goes to jail, and does not collect 200 dollars.

    I also like how they say it's a publically owned resource, but they don't care what the public thinks. Lol.
  8. The only issue I see is that they are man made resevoirs which could disrupt the local ecosystem. If that is their argument and they have proof of it then this is legit in my eyes, but if he's causing no damage and they are all located on hi property I see no issue.
  9. This was my favorite part. Really eccentuates the divide and struggle between the "higher-ups" and the "common folk"

    The Water Company knows that what this man is doing is completely fine. BUT, here is the big but. "Rain Man" went against the system, and didn't listen to the "higher-ups". They don't like when you don't listen to them. The Water company claims that this man is stealing from the Big Butte creek watershed and its tributaries. There is NO WAY to prove where the water came from, and the company knows this. They have the money and they have the lawyers. It's a classic case of "them vs us" .
  10. This belongs to the public!

    Public says, "Who gives a shit, it's rain water?"

    Government says, "JAIL!"
  11. It's called graywater. If you collect rainwater, it cannot go to the city's wastewater plant. You're essentially stealing from the city.

    I could go more in depth, but I'm on my phone. They aren't taking our freedom. It's a legit law. Do some reasearch. It makes sense to fine people over graywater; and this is coming from a libertarian...

    I don't approve of the revocation of his permits, but I do agree with the laws not allowing the collection of rainwater.
  12. The games people play.

  13. Who the fuck said the city owns the water? This country is outrageous.
  14. So,would it be illegal for someone to stand in the middle of the rain with their mouth open?Or even collecting it in a cup?

    Pretty soon you will need permits (which will most likely be incredibly expensive and/or hard to get) for solar panels for energy to run your home.

    It's all about the money and they'll fuck anyone over anyway they can.The idea is to make the rich,richer(by fining people and such) and make the poor,poorer(by making them pay for natural resources,which nobody paid for in the first place,so it doesn't come out of anyones pocket.)
  15. Mother Earth owns the Water and the Planet. We're all just guests..
  16. can we sue next time there is any sort of flooding on personal property because the government isnt controlling their rain supply?? :rolleyes:
  17. Man,that's ridiculous!

    So if people want water they have to pay for it,but the city gets it for free?

    I mean,they have to filter it out and keep it clean,but still,they didn't pay for the shit in the first place.
  18. Rain --> Water treatment plant --> Plumbing --> Your faucet

    They're not going to treat your water for free are they?

  19. One of the biggest scams ever is bottled water. Take water, put it in plastic, and sell it for highly overcharged prices. For the people nothing is free, sadly.

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