man seattle has changed

Discussion in 'General' started by bigjimbob2000, May 30, 2009.

  1. seattle has changed alot I just move back to west seattle from hoquiam on Washington cost and weed was hard to find. when I moved back to west seattle about 5 days ago a Friend told me to go to pike place and go to the park so I did it was like it was legal to buy pot. the bags are kind of small for 10 buck I used to get good 1/8 in hoquiam for 40 bucks. but every one is mass Pariond that they will get busted in hoquiam but hell I will pay a little more when in need of weed:smoke:

  2. hey bro, i am from sea-town and i HIGHLY discourage you from ever buying off the streets or in the parks. these guys cant really be trusted and even though you probably wont get busted you risk getting ripped off either completely or at least getting a shitty sized sack. my advice, make friends with ppl. just be outgoing and visit some reggae or ska shows, maybe glass shops, or events surrounding the arts/music scene. just dont bring it up right away, and smoke them some bowls before you inquire about such things. keep looking until you find a connect that can sell you herb on the zone level.
    thats my honest advice
    best of luck

  3. yea bro...scoot up i5 to north seattle and your not gettin less than a gram for 10
  4. im gettin oz's of dank in this area for 220 :smoke:

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