Man reports his 68 pounds of cocaine missing

Discussion in 'General' started by PhoenixPharmer, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. wow, that's beyond idiotic
  2. Haha

    The best part is, "a boy scout found it 2 weeks later... Dry and in perfect condition"

    The fool was so spun he just forgot what bush it was in. HAHA.
  3. Like that episode of COPS where a lady flags down a cop because a woman gave her plaster instead of meth or something, and she couldn't get her money back.:rolleyes:
  4. its like that one episode on COPS of a cracked out lady stopping a cop to report that she has been ripped off for $20 and didn't get her rock. its good for laughs.

    ^ homeboy beat me to it
  5. Thats why I put my 68 pounds of cocaine in neon orange backpacks when I stash them next to the boyscout headquarters. This guy must have a mental problem, or a serious drug problem. You would have to be nuts or high as a kite to call the police about your drugs.

  6. lol im gonna go out on a limb here and say it must have been some really good blow
  7. Especially 68 POUNDS OF COCAINE....

    Who the fuck misplaces 68 POUNDS OF COCAINE.

    You might lose your teener, or your 8 ball... .But your 30 ki's?

    Id have my eye on my backpacks lol
  8. "Two weeks later, a Boy Scout ranger found the backpacks, which were dry and in good shape, and called police."

    why couldnt i be that lil mother freaknig boy scout!!!!

  9. If i was the kid....It woulda said, "Boy scout finds a $20 sack of cocaine"

    Because the rest would have hit the black market HAha
  10. He probably called the cops to protect himself from whoever gave him the stuff to get rid of, or to traffic it.

    Dumb move: Losing 68 pounds of coke
    Smart move: Telling the cops so you aren't tortured to death by a drug cartel

  11. you beat me to it bro. I don't blame him. But still, If I found that much, I would only take a couple bags...

    With 68 pounds, you're going away for life. AND, you'll develop an addiction.
  12. I don't think he'll go away for life especially since he reported it, he'll prolly do some time tho, but better to serve time than have your nutsack smashed by a big henchmen named joey.

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