Man pleads guilty, 14 tons of MJ

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by Seargent, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. Calif. man pleads guilty to hauling 14 tons of pot - Yahoo! News

    These articles always get me, especially when you consider how much effort it took to grow 14 tons, dry it, cure it, package it, and then transport it. And you have to wonder how many people are missing out because the police seized thousands of pounds of MJ.

    It also must really suck financially for the growers and I wonder what happens to the driver when he gets out.
  2. How do they know he was distributing, maybe it was for personal use :smoking:
  3. I would be willing to attempt to "personally use" 28,000 pounds!:smoking:
  4. i'd be so pissed if i was the grower and i found out that my driver was making unsafe lane changes.
  5. 14 tons of missing weed equals a dead man for sure. Especially for driving like a dumbass when your trailer is filled to the top with pot.
  6. If he ever gets out.
  7. 12 million grams sounds pretty nice to me right about now.
  8. I would throw a brick in the fireplace with the flue down, just to hotbox the house.
    14 tons!!!
  9. that driver is a moron, when me and my friends drive around with ANY weed we are SO carefull to comply to every rule of the road.

    if i had 14 tons...i would be the best driver ever
  10. 14 tons lol, daft driver!!
  11. agree with the others... unbelievably stupid driver...

    all that weed gone :(
  12. image what you could do with 14 tonnes *drooooool*
  13. I wasn't even going to get that weed & it makes me want to cry :cry::cry:
  14. I would lock myself inside that trailer and start a fire. I don't care if I died; it would be worth it.
  15. wonder how it feels when your towing 14 tons of mj, get pulled over and the cop asks you if you have any illegal substances in the car??? probly not a comfortable situation
  16. what are they gonna do with it all?
  17. Man, I would love 28,000 pounds of sweet sweet MJ. That would be a good week :smoking: lol, i would definitely invite some buds
  18. sell it back to the drug cartel and make profit
  19. So the moral of the story is.... remember to switch lanes safely

  20. Good job police. .. you took down dastardly 51 y/o Angel Guillen Raya :rolleyes:

    I guess that 10 bucks an hour he was making probably dont seem so worth it to the poor scmuck now..

    OK lets legalize it.. this is absurd.

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