Man or be the judge.

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  1. Just found this video from some Thai singing show...I don't fucking know what to think, all I know is I feel violated...

    [ame=]YouTube - Thailand's Got Talent Man or Women[/ame]

    tried getting a poll in here but fuck its not working
  2. that looks like a girl... not gonna decide if she look good or not till im more certain lol
  3. Tough call.

    Looks like a girl but I 'unno? :confused_2:
  4. I can't see an Adam's apple so I'm going to say chick but that's a pretty good looking tranny if it's a man.
  5. Duuuudeee... like 3 seconds before it started singing like a man I was saying out loud: "Nahh no way its a dude" .........

    Now Im kind of sure its a tranny/shemale.
    In asia you never fucking now.
  6. exactly...the longer you stare at s/he/it the more disturbing it is...and the worst thing about it was when i first looked at the video i didn't think s/he/it looked that bad

    but i'd still say theres a good chance of her just being some freak girl that can sing deep...fuck
  7. the gays hug "her" at the end... very passionately. Im gonna go with their instincts and say its a man... or something. :confused_2:
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    Yeah I've been to Thailand a couple of times. It's scary how much I almost wanted to bed some of the fellas over there.

    You can tell most of them by their Adam's Apples, hands and the occasional testicle hanging from one side of a misaligned G-string.

    Here's one that took a particular liking to a mate of mine (identity masked, just to be nice). Would you?

    He did.

    My connection isn't good enough for Youtube videos (I know, I don't live in 2011 like the rest of you), but in Thailand they are called Katoeys and there's videos on Youtube of the Katoey Beauty Contests (scarily beautiful men). Search result for convenience. It might make a good addition to this if someone wants to embed one.

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  9. what the fuck man ^

    be fucking careful in thailand
  10. . ...
  11. i was lmfao at the beginning when i realized it was " thailand gots talent". i didnt know they were copying americas version at all. back on topic it really is up for debate. my original guess would say its a girl but cause of 1 of the above posters saying theres contests for shemales in thailand my final answer is he/she is a boy.
  12. Oh yeah and I forgot to mention. That one still had her tackle. A lot of them don't.
  13. guys if someone put a gun to your head and made you guess with your life on the line, we'd all be fucked :hello:
  14. It's a huge part of society in Thailand (and much of Southeast Asia) and it has been for centuries. They aren't really persecuted, they're actually seen as the "third gender". They hold down normal jobs and pretty much integrate into normal society.

    Interestingly, it's lead to Thailand having one of the most highly regarded plastic surgery industries in the world, particularly sex change surgery, obviously.
  15. its either a girl who has a special ability to change her voice to a man, or a very convincing tranny
  16. Where is GGrass...I want him to translate.
  17. The pitch of the voice is to low, it's a man.
  18. Thats a man no doubt

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