Man on the Moon: The End of Day and J.Cole

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  1. Kid Cudi's album, I am seriously feeling this album. I can relate to it unlike anything I have ever heard. I hope he succeeds so much that I went out and bought the regular and the dvd bonus edition the day it came out after torrenting it previously.

    J.Cole is a beast, I've been hearing a lot about him so I downloaded The Warm Up. While I can't relate like I can with Kid Cudi, I still feel what he's saying. - » J. Cole “Lights Please”

    This song is about him coming to an epiphany about life in general, things like how fathers aren't raising their sons or how far black people have come but have a long way to go yet the girl he is trying to enlighten isn't trying to hear that, shes like...stick it in me...anyways good shit.
  2. Yeah, Light's Please has been on rotation for a while. I fucking CANNOT find a place to download The Warm Up though. I have The Come Up, but not The Warm Up.

    BTW, IMO, J Cole >>> Kid Cudi's rapping ability. Rumor has it that Hov listened to "Lights Please" and only that song and immediately contacted J Cole to sign him. I'm gonnna look for The Warm Up though. Lights Please is that song though. Hip Hop in its purest form.
  3. The Warm Up is pretty easy to find, thats the 2nd one. The Come Up is the one I can't find lol

    and why are you comparing J Cole vs Kid Cudi this threads not about that

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