Man on the Moon>The Blueprint 3. agree?

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  1. theyre 2 great kickass albums but kid cudi is better than jayZ
  2. idk about that.
  3. I haven't listened to Jayz's yet but Kid Cudi's is sick. Ive had some friends who have gotten both and they all said Cudi's was better to :smoke:
  4. Jay-z's over rated to fuck. He might be rich, but hes wank.

    Kid Cudis new and could do some good things for hip hop.. but i dont think hes that talented either really..

  5. dude i really dont get the hype over this guy. he is nothing special at all. his beats are catchy and he has decent flow. but come on, the songs are pointless and have no meaning.

    jay z would kill him if they were to both start from scratch w/ a topic. but the blueprint sucked.

    i guess its just me, but im really not feelin this "kid cudi"
  6. Both records are crap.

  7. this.
  8. Kid Cudi's album Cleaveland Kid was awesome, his second one eh not so much, Jay Z's only good song on the BP3 was Run This City
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    Their kinda two different genres of hip hop, in my opinion. Kid Cudi doesn't rap much, he just sings without autotune, which is a plus these days. Man on the Moon is creative and deeper then TB3. TB3 is more of a rap album. I'm not feelin TB3 that much, though. The Black Album was definitely a better Jay-Z album, in my opinion. If Jay-Z wasn't known as a hip hop legend, this album would probably be average, if that, and wouldn't be nearly as popular. I feel like I'm the only one that thinks "Run This Town" is getting too overplayed, and the only one that can't stand Rihanna on that song.

    So, I'd probably have to go with Man On The Moon simply for being creative and original. Oh, and also for doing a song on MGMT. Definite plus in my eyes. Wasn't there a rumor that Jay-Z was gonna do a song with MGMT?

    How about we go back to the old ways and play some Only Built for Cuban Linx II on MTV? Sounds like a plan.
  10. I agree. Jay sucks.
  11. No meaning? His whole album is a story of his life, they're all meaningful.

    He's not the best lyricist, but honestly that is probably the most overrated aspect of hip hop. Even if someone's lyrics aren't dope, they can still make good music if it sounds good and is something that people can relate to. That's why people like Cudi. Same reason people like Pharrell's music.
  12. The most overrated aspect of hip hop is being a good lyricist???


    Fact is: Cudi barely raps on his songs. And when he does he usually doesn't rhyme. He uses his shitty singing voice half the time, which Kanye probably likes because it means he's not the shittiest singing rapper out there.

    Look, I enjoy a couple tracks off Man on the Moon, but Cudi is a fad, over all. Just one big walking fad trying to pass himself off as cool by rocking the skinny jeans and claiming to be a "lonely stoner". The best thing about his songs are his production and his hooks. I can't remember a song I've ever listened to where I was like, "Damn, Cudi killed it."

    And on my favorite song off his album, "Hyyer", Chip murdered him on his own track. Like made him look shitty.

    People, Cudi CANNOT rap. To say that he's a better rapper than Jay and to say that "Jay sucks" is just fucking stupid. I enjoyed parts of Man on the Moon. Mainly "Sky Might Fall", "Hyyer", and "Pursuit of Happiness". Everything else just throwaway bullshit he's feeding to the "lonely stoners" out there.

    When will real gritty hip hop come back and pass up these v-neck wearin skinny jean rockin mothafuckas? I'm bumpin GRODT the rest of the night...
  13. Kid Cudi is unbearable...terrible rapper. His lyrics are absolutely awful.

    Jay-Z USED to be good (Reasonable Doubt), but he sucks now...
  14. Hoe does jay suck now?
  15. I'd definitely go with Cudi on this one yeah. Jay-Z is definitely a better rapper without a doubt. but there's something about Man on the moon despite its flaws that has great charm and excitement to listen to.

    idk, i think an album with a new sound even if it's far from perfect far outweighs a great album with a sound that's been done.
  16. no wayyyy bro blueprint 3 is fire
  17. i duno why Cudi's gettin all this hate. I liked both albums but Man on the Moon was better. Its a real album, one song leads to another just like OB4CL. And I duno how people are saying Cudi isnt a lyricist or his shit is whack, and he only reaches "lonely stoners"? His shit is as real as it gets, and you dont have to be a G to be real. Ok he might not have the best flow in the world but neither does Jay whos jockin that whole Drake/Wayne gay ass flow style. You guys choose which one's better... oh and remebr im a jay fan too so im not hatin on the dude.

    [ame=]YouTube - Jay-Z - On To the Next One (feat. Swizz Beatz) - 'The Blueprint 3' 2009 *HIGH QUALITY*[/ame]
    [ame=]YouTube - Kid CuDi My World[/ame]
  18. lol who likes pharrell?

    im just playin man, listen to who you want. but op asked whose better jay zs album or cudi. and they both kinda blow. but if i had to pick, jay z
  19. I just feel like Man on the Moon is the "Soundtrack to My Life". it seems a lot more personal. As a whole, cudi's album does something unique. I cleared a few tubes and listened to the album all the way through and it just felt a lot more personal. But of course its all subjective, i just wanted to see what everyone else was thinking

  20. after Volume 1 he went wayyyy too commercial and his rhymes got bad...thats how he sucks now.

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