Man offers marijuana as apology for stealing a Wii video game

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  1. CALERA — An 18-year-old Calera man stole a Wii video game, along with other items, brought back the video game and offered a bag of marijuana as an apology. The apology lost its luster when the man came back the next day and stole the video game again.

    Calera Assistant Police Chief T.J. White reported that the Calera woman that was robbed told White the man offered the marijuana as an apology for the burglary, but she refused the drugs. In an affidavit, the woman said she believed the man ended up selling the game to purchase drugs. She told White that every time she sees the man, he has narcotics on his person and on several occasions he told her that he has cocaine, Xanex and marijuana for sale. According to the report, the man was arrested on marijuana possession charges and police obtained a warrant to check his house for more drugs. In the home, reports state, police found a box of folded plastic bags like the one police had from the arrest, and a set of digital scales containing a green leafy substance that field tested positive for marijuana. According to the report, the other people living at the house were not arrested, both denying any knowledge of the narcotics being sold from the home.

    The man was booked on charges of possession of marijuana and delivery of a controlled deadly substance (marijuana).
  2. "controlled deadly substance (marijuana)."
  3. a deadly substance? Marijuana? wtf?
  4. I wonder if they realize that there have been no deaths due to marijuana in recorded history? I imagine not as they refer to it as a "daedly substance". What a bunch of bullshit.

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