Man My Luck Has Just Ran Out -Rant-

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  1. Disclaimer: You will probably be bored as its not really interesting but i needed to vent and let it out somehow. I dont need rude or hurtful comments right now please. I know grasscity has non judgemental and understanding people. Any positive vibes are welcomed

    Out of all my 20 years of living, i dont think ive felt so low and depressed before but not suicidal just like a "damn this sucks" type. Im just now starting to realize alot of things ive ignored in life and things i shoulda done instead of wasting my time.

    For me life was going good before the 19th of this month. I have my own apartment, i have a good enough job to pay rent and food, and i live with my bestfriends what more could i ask?
    Its crazy how one situation can make me realize other things.

    When i woke up on that Sunday i discovered my rear view mirror was broken and thats when it started. Somone threw this metal rod and broke my rear window. I was pissed and was so frusterated for that second i teared up a bit but stopped and focused on trying to resolve the problem but i came to realize im never going to save up enough money to fix it. The good thing i am very greatful and even more now is that i have the best parents in the world but they arnt really well off but they said they would try to scrape what they can. No biggie you know i can always find odd jobs and save what i can.

    Two days later i go back into work to find out my manager wanted to talk to me about my schedule. She basically told me she doesnt need me anymore. Im only scheduled for ONE day a week compared to working 5days a week where my tips played a big factor. So now im pretty much jobless in a town where finding any kind of job is rare
    My rent is due on the first and i only have $30 to my name, my paycheck on payday will probably be enough to pay rent if im lucky but wont have money for food or anything else at all.
    If all else fails im always welcomed back to my parents no matter what but itll just turn into an " i told you so" party that i dont really care being apart since im used to it for being a dumbass. Even then i still have 3months left on the lease which is $700 worth that im going to have to find a way to pay. If im lucky i can find a job in san diego and pay it off that way since my parents wont charge me rent or anything but it could fail and i could potentially ruin my friends credit score.

    I need some kind of miracle to happen but i feel things will only go downhill... i was so stubborn and just wanted out of my parents house no matter what but i wish i woulda just stayed and would have been more realistic about moving to arizona.

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  2. D: I'm sorry, sometimes things get rough before they get better. Maybe there's some light at the end of the tunnel. I've had the worst two weeks ever, but things are looking up finally. Hopefully they will for you too.
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    Thanks sister
    Im def taking this as a lesson. Never in my life have i ever had to worry if im going to have enough money as simple as eating.

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  4. ]: sorry man, I'd fill your belly up with some yummy foods if I could :p it'll be ok, I'm sure.
  5. As nice as it would be to say everything will work out, it'd probably be best for you to prepare yourself for the worst case scenario. Then if it does happen it wont hurt so bad

  6. Ain't no such thing as luck and it never ran out, your just giving up. 
  7. And don't you dare be waiting on a miracle LOL.
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    Good luck to you I have walked
    in your shoes many times.
  9. Any idea as to who broke your window?
  10. Divide and profit.
  11. Nah, miracles were all a fib...They don't really exist.  Reality on the other hand, that fucker is around every corner waiting to slap you in the back of the head. :cool:

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