Man makes island out of plastic bottles

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  1. greenest innovation ive ever seen :D
  2. You know he has to be growing weed in the middle of that :smoke:
  3. Nifty but a bamboo and plywood base is doomed to rot away eventually.
  4. What if the fishnet's break is what I'm thinking.
  5. what an amazing feat. Now all he needs is a babe to chill wit him
  6. Man got plenty of pussy on that island..... 2 cats
  7. That is awesome.

    I've seen everything now haha
  9. Wow, look at all them bah-uls

    I seen pictures before but this is the first time I seen the video, though it does look familiar so maybe I have seen it before. Awesome none the less, but the way the host says bottles drives me nuts, BAH-uls
  10. That woudl be awesome with a couple jet engines on the back you could cruise the ocean at a modest 400 mph.
  11. Breaking news, man drowns from water bottles filling with water! More later on this developing story.
  12. what if he made a platstic bottle country?????:smoke:
  13. lmfao good for him at least he doesn't need anything from anybody as his island is totally self sufficient:smoke::smoke:
  14. I want to built an island out of boobs

  15. The sun's UV radiation will eventually make the plastic break up (melting/dissolving) into the water, polluting everything in it.


    Popped your bubble.


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