Man-made super-flu could kill half humanity

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  2. I saw this on Slashdot, its pretty scary. Hopefully it won't be made public until we've got a cure/close enough to one.
  3. Strange, it was published 4 days ago and I feel like I've read this same article somewhere else, oh well.

    And pretty scary stuff I have the beginnings of an upper respiratory infection going on at the moment that's inflamming my throat and roof of mouth so I hope it's not................

    H5N1 :eek:
  4. When a disease meant to change the population goes into circulation we will know nothing about it.
  5. I have one question why?
  6. Too many mouths.
  7. I sneezed while reading that......

    damn........ bye world
  8. colloidal silver Ultimate virus slayer!

    Oh yeah, our beloved Mary Jane kills MRSA, maybe this one too! ;-)
  9. All I gotta Say Population Control
  10. fizznuck....
  11. December 21st, ready guys haheuahduea
  12. anyone else wondering what the fuck was going through these guys heads when they did this
  13. Maybe this is a good thing, with all they have discovered, perhaps they can discover a cure for it, asap.
  14. To find out a way to stop it.
  15. I think this quote fits in really well here "Yeah, but your scientists were so preoccupied with whether they could that they didn't stop to think if they should."
  16. can you get it from having sex?
  17. only on the weekends.
  18. The people that made, approved, and know the "recipe" of this should all be killed.
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    I actually don't think this article is being completely honest.. It's probably trying to get the readers a little paranoid because that's one of the best ways to get people to spread the site and make it more popular.

    I mostly say this because diseases are usually blown wayyyy out of proportion. I can't even count how many times I've heard of diseases that people claim will/would do much worse than what this article is saying.

    Then again maybe this disease is as bad and has as much potential as they're saying. Even if this is the case I wouldn't stress it simply because people actually make super diseases regularly. With how many people there are and how often people travel large distances in short periods of time, we HAVE to stay one step ahead of shit that could be a potential outbreak. Building diseases so we can work up cures/treatments for them just in case they become a problem is actually a good idea in my opinion. The WHO is constantly doing this and they're also constantly trying to modify existing diseases in order to see how they will likely evolve.

    Since they're probably doing this for the sake of future planning, it's HIGHLY unlikely they'll release the "recipe"... Why would they? If they did that, it could pose risks to people and it would mean less money for them if they do make a cure because other companies will possibly also have one made. And it's illogical to think "oh, this is a plan for depopulating" because if that were the case we you wouldn't hear shit about it until it was already out and taking lives

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