Man, I've wasted way too much money on pot this summer

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  1. Maybe it's not too bad since I got a job and I'm not mooching off of anyone. But it's sad to think about how I could have thousands right now (I've had a job for a year) and all I got to show for it is around $200. To make it all worse, I haven't paid for any bills during the whole time (18 and I'm about to become a senior). Once I get my car and start paying for gas, I'll probably be smart with my money since I won't be able to dedicate my whole check for the marry jane.
  2. You mean you wisely invested a lot, but probably not enough, money on pot this summer.
  3. Tell me about it, iv spent at least 2k on drugs since october
  4. i did the same thing...when i was 16 and my first job..
  5. Ya, it's also my first job. The thing that makes my situation so shitty is that my parents didn't want me to make the same mistakes as my sister of being wasteful with money (she's 25 now with credit card debt still hanging on her AND she's unemployed) so they're for sure gonna get pissed if they look through my bank account info. They were counting on me to save money for college (starting next year) but instead I chose to spend it all on weed and food.
  6. yeah its prolly time to start savin then bud haha thats what i did. been working steady since i was 16, i'm 21 now and have $8 and no gas. i get paid on friday though.
  7. i thought i was bad in spending 160 on pot in the last week and a half, since if i had just bought an ounce instead of all those bags spread out i would have gotten more weed overall.

    But man when i think about all the thousands i must have spent on weed over the years... actually i don't like to think about it lol.
  8. I did the same thing man, i mean fuck it. What else are you going to spend it on? I would much rather just buy a lot of weed than some stupid shit i don't need.
  9. It costs like 15 bucks an ounce to grow ;)
  10. Just learn to better budget your moneys
  11. Not saying you should, but you could always just push the stuff. I mean, your gonna be making some profit as well as smoking for free. Just makes sense
  12. Just start putting a good percentage of your money from each paycheck into a savings account and don't touch it. Then pay your bills and use whatever is left for your "slush fund". After a year of doing this take the savings and roll it into a "cd" that will earn you interest on your money and allow it to continue growing. I wasn't smart with money when I was just starting out (I am now) and I wish someone would have told me that back then.
  13. Move to Oregon.
    Get a mmj card.
    Enjoy free weed.

    If you don't have chronic pain or some disease yet, overdo the heavy lifting during the move.
    Go to the doctor, get pain meds.
    Throw pain meds away.
    Go back again once a month.
    Wait 90 days.
    Qualify for mmj. ;)
    Like a boss.
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    This is your first job, you're young and learning how to use and enjoy your money wisely... don't worry! You're not 40, and just figuring this out :)

    There's still plenty of time to turn around, so it's good to hear you're concerned about your 'income to savings ratio', but there's nothing wrong with enjoying the income from your first job a little too much while you have time, before you start having some more serious responsibilities in life. It's the safest time in your life to do so, so learn from it now, and move on to make better decisions.

    Growing is a LOT of fun by the way, indoors or out... and it's a good way to save cash on herb, too :) For the initial cost of an oz or two once you're on your own, in a medium sized portable locker you could grow yourself nearly half a pound.
  15. I used to buy small bags all the time when I was younger and in hindsight that was really dumb and I could have gotten alot more if I bought bigger amounts.
  16. Grow that dank bro. I got a ghetto setup inmy closet invested about 150 bucks worth ofsupplies. It's about to start flowering I'm so excited :)
  17. Worry about bills when you gotta pay bills for now stay high
  18. Know what you mean mate, the money literally goes up in smoke! This is my second summer like this, spent 80% of my weekly pay on bud this summer. Did it last summer, will probably do it next summer until i go uni. As long as you can support you self and have enough money for the things you need, it shouldnt be a problem - just take it easy and toke up.

    Its the summer for christs sake! :smoking:

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