Man it's gonna be a tough month, I hope I survive w/o my bike!

Discussion in 'General' started by TooSicKs, May 3, 2003.

  1. Yeah, this really blows ass. The other day i was trying to gap over a set of stairs, i got my rear wheel on the edge, i drop my front tire down a bit and preload, i pedalkick and yank the bars up to my waist and when i did instead of my bike coming with me i just ripped the bars off, snapped em right in half. I almost faceplanted but somehow managed not to.

    Now i got no bars to ride, and it's probably gonna take me a month or more to get a set since i need to get 'em custom made because there's no bar on the planet strong enough and big enough for me.

    The hardest part, tho, is gonna be being without my bike. It's been 3 days since i rode and i'm frerakin out man, i'm sittin here all twitchin and fiendin' to ride, i feel sick, i got the shakes, and i feel all disoriented and dizzy. My body is going into shock from not riding and i don't know how long i can hold out. Maybe i can pawn some stuff to get some money quicker to get the custom bars i need, but it's still gonna take time to get 'em made. Damn it itches i'm gonna have to go hurl myself off some stairs and pretend i'm riding and i wrecked.

    it's shitty to be without, i'm gonna fuckin lose it!
  2. Damn, that sucks, TooSicks!!!

    I'll send some ~get-some-money-quick-so-you-won't-go-crazy-without-your-bars~ vibes. You sound like a crackhead're a barhead, LOL! :) Yeah, I know, that was dorky but what do you expect? I'm a stoned dork!

    I had to go without the gym while I've had stitches in my elbow and I've been itching to sweat so I can somewhat relate. They came out this afternoon though, a few days early so I'll be hitting the gym this weekend. :D

    ~~~vibes so you can ride~~~
  3. Thanks, RMJL, it's toughest when i can't get home from work and ride after sitting in the office all day doing shit but playing on the internet n drinkin coffee to try and stay awake. I hate when it's slow. I can't wait till we get busy at work.
  4. oh damn sorry to hear about that toosicks! hope everything works out with your situation!

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