Man in Florida on trial for FEEDING HOMELESS PEOPLE!

Discussion in 'General' started by Dark_Angers, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. I have not read the story as I feel it will only piss me off. If someone seriously made a law that makes it illegal to feed homeless people, that person should be jailed for crimes against humanity.
  2. I don't get it.... I really just don't get how we can't solve the real crisises in this country yet we take so much time and energy to enforce this type of bullshit.

  3. I know, they should be spending their time busting violent marijuana smokers. :smoke:
  4. fuck that. Why should we go only after violent marijuana smokers. We should arrest everyone who even THINKS about that sacred gift from God. What the fuck gives those scumbags the right to smoke a plant.
  5. 2pac said it best " we got mad money for war/but cant feed the poor"

  6. And it gets truer everyday...:mad:
  7. What the fuck?
  8. wow... that physically makes me ill... whoever passed that law seriously doesn't have a soul....

    how can you think feeding people is Illegal?? what the fuck.....i......
    i'm just speechless
  9. Yet another example of this good ole "american perfection".
  10. The thing that struck me the most about this story was the pitiless voice of the prosecutor saying to Eric Montanez, "you will follow the law." People are so amazingly apathetic they allow these sorts of "cases" to be clogging up America's courts. A permit is required to feed people that are hungry? It seems to me that where the rule of law is absolute so is the potential for injustice. Heh, our tax dollars hard at work.

    "Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny."

    ~Edmund Burke~
  11. Hasn't anyone seen the the homeless southpark? Why would you fuel them?
  12. yep everyone who voted and supports that law are the ones who belong in a damn cage! for the price of one bomb or one fighter jet they could feed ever poor person in florida but nooooo, we would rather use that monet to stick our noses in other countries buisness but not our own. this is fucking sick. here comes the facist dictatorship of americas government! head for the hills!
  13. ... They make it sound like it's a law against feeding wildlife in a national park or something.

    Damned homeless, if we feed 'em too much, they might start turning over dumpsters and breaking in to our campsites...
  14. free country my mother fucking ass. Fuck this shit.

    Im about to just move out of the country.

    Feeding homeless... thats a fucking good semaritin. thats a good person. FUCK that prosecutor.

    He should suck a dick.
  15. it's going well for the record. shit's all over the news. they made that law because they don't want more homeless people in downtown orlando. there's already a lot.

    that dude is friends with my best friends brother, and brother told me all about it. it's BULLSHIT

    oh and it's not you cant feed them its just you cant feed more than 125 or something (maybe you need a special permit?) ill find out
  16. What the fuck? Every fucking day I live in USA, it makes me sick hearing all of these law bullshits. They literally just pull those laws out of their ass

    Just like *Groan* ok you can't feed homeless people because my butthole say so!

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