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Man im going nuts

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by toketillyachoke, Dec 19, 2003.

  1. i was just talking to my mom and she had our pet bird named beamer on her sholde rand she was saying preaty bird preaty bird but my endoucet mind( (took the stuff to days ago still feelin it this stuff must be strong)thought she said reefer reefer I was like mom did you just say reefer.

    my mind has not been the same since i took the stuff (2 days ago) whne will it go away! lol oh well if it go's away it does if not i get to have fun the rest of my life fealin the effects

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  2. what's "the stuff"?
  3. Nothing comes up.

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  5. Is it really good to have that much of any addictive drug? When that runs out you will probably be pretty desperate to get might think that's not a problem if you have enough money to get more, but things like this tend to get out of control pretty fast.
    And also, toketillyachoke, judging by your post it seems like your mind was pretty shot before you took oxycodone hehe. And as for your claim that you are still feeling it...well I guess I can't tell you that you aren't...but placebo effect maybe? It's pretty impossible that you would still be feeling the effects of something you took two days ago, especially an opiate.

  6. i am pretty sure he ment he was takeing them becouse he had no weed...

    and now that the big shipment of weed is comeing he will be cool for some time to come

    i must however agree with this half entirely

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