Man.... I need a fat poop but my mum is in the bathroom and the toilet is in there...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by D9_THC, Dec 13, 2002.

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  1. This fuckin sucks!!

    I\'ve been sittin here holdin in this log for 25 minutes while my mum has a bath.

    I know that when I finally have this shit it\'s gonna be Heaven :D

    Discuss times when you\'ve had to hold poop in for too long.

    I once had to hold it in for four hours in an exam. Pure torture.
  2. ssssqqquuuuueeeezzzzzeeeeeeeee you\'re cheeks together....breww that bad boy for another 25 feel for ya...i had to do that once on a train ride to York one year....approx 200 out...Sid
  3. Man..... about a half hour after I posted, my mum came out of the bathroom and I ran in!

    I fuckin squeezed a curler man.
  4. at least you had something to look foward to
  5. aaaggghhhhhhhh......releif....feelllllssss goooodddd doesn\'t out......Sid
  6. lol, one time me and my cuzin were on a boat at a water skiing camp and he had to shit so bad he started crying... i never seen someone sprint up a hill so fast (to get to the toilet). i guess we were like 13 at the time.. funny shit..lolol
  7. Erm.... I\'m not goin to that site....
  8. true true
    a good shit is like good wine....its hard to keep in, but the longer its in the better it feal when it comes out
    i guess its true with anything
    imagine u did not toke up for like, 3 months...all u r doing is dying for weed someimes....but u know the longer u wait, the nicer it will be when u have it again

    so a good shit is also like a good joint...

    ah man...does that make snece to any ya\'ll?
  9. lol... i know the feeling... i held one in for 7 and a half hours once. it was too late to go before school (woulda missed the bus), and i didn\'t wanna go in school (like shit brick in american pie)... so i just waited until i got home :D needless to say i was a bit antsy for most of the day, lmfao!
  10. You just sorta sit there.... but keep fidgeting and hoping you don\'t have to wait much longer.... and I know when it\'s gettin too long cos I start to feel extremely hot.....
    Man, I\'m glad I can practically shit anywhere where there\'s TP :p

    I haven\'t toked since Thursday now, and I\'m getting really bored......

    I don\'t enjoy being sober, so until I get paid next Friday, it looks as if I\'ll have to suffer in silence.
  11. i\'m the same but i just have to improvise with alcohol....Peace out...Sid

  12. Got a hearty chuckle out of that one! :D

  13. AHHH!!! I don\'t know whether to laugh or be disgusted! :D
  14. lololololol grade 7 basketball....

    i was a starter, and our team was short a few players

    i had to play the whole game

    i was mvp for half

    half time i felt a little pressure

    by 4th quarter i was walking

    everyone on the team was screaming at me

    including the coach

    i have never run home so fast from a basketball game in my life.
  15. I need a fat poop? I like how that sounds.

    Here we say \"I have to take a huge shit\".

    Next time, please post a picture though. Otherwise we\'ll be inclined to think you\'re full os SHIT!
  16. From Connecticut (where I live) to south carolina. A 19 hour trip (we got stuck in heavy traffic) Only stopping when someone else had to go. We stopped about every 9 hours. It was worth it though. I couln\'t even let one rip, my best friend, his mom and dad, hot older sister, and his sister\'s best friend was all in the car.
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