man! i just lost over an hour's work

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Dying Giraffe, Mar 31, 2003.

  1. wow
    i just wrote a post
    for an hour
    just random stream of conscious stuff
    i accidentally hit a wrong button and
    now it's gone

    i'm in shock
    this sucks
    this is worse than forgetting what i was going to say
    it's saying it and having no one to hear.
    damn damn damn

    i said so much
    i wanted some record of it
    a lot of it was rambling
    but now no one will ever see

    maybe it's for the best
    everyone who read it would know me way too well.
    i'm tempted to start again right here
    i talked a lot about my goals in life
    how i view life
    just lots' of stuff
    man now it's starting to hit me
    how many things i said
    i want to cry
    it's lost forever
    i'm too baked to remember any of it
    there was so much i said that i wanted responses to
    i guess that i'll just have to post them
    in separate threads
    but i'll miss that post i almost made

    it's hitting me
    making me sad
    i wanted to read it later
    when i could remember
    i came to so many conclusions

    i've been here at the city
    for just a short time but immediately
    i like everyone here
    you are people that i feel i can relate to
    you are like all the people that i am friends with
    so i am also sad because i couldn't share
    all the stuff i wrote
    with all you.

    it was a crazy drug induced rant
    i was typing insanely fast for over an hour.

    i'm starting go off and do it again.
  2. I know how ya feel, my computer crashed and i lost 6 months worth of rhino files and programs. I felt like shooting my damn computer i was so pissed!:mad: I just smoked a J and started to feel better.:)
  3. i hope my computer doesn't crash before i can buy a burner for it and back up my HD. i have a lot of stuff that i'd never beable to get back if it were to happen.

    ::gets all paranoid about not having his files backed up::


    sorry to hear you lost your post though. i'm sure we've all had it happen. goes along with being a stoner ;)
  4. That happens all the time to me on diaryland. I write a whole bunch of stuff that's going on in my head and then BAM! it's gone and I try to retrace at least part of my train of thought so I can post something.

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