man I hate texting girls

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  1. texting is an emotional rollercoaster man.

    it gives me too much time to think. When i talk to them face to face I just spit game, just saying whatever comes to mind.

    But with texting I might re-read my text and think "...nah thats lame, she's gonna take that outta context." Feels like you lose half your personality thru texting

    and god forbid I take a risk and send it anyway and they dont text back for a while...even if I dont like the girl that much it makes you a little anxious like "shit man I think I just lost the game" (btw I lost the game)

    But then she texts you back and everythings cool again.

    On the other hand though i've carefully crafted some perfectly awsome texts that have gotten me pussy in the past.

    And I love them fuckin smileys. I don't use em (while texting, use em on forums all the time) cause they make me feel like kinda of a bitch, but when a girl loads her texts with em you know your in. :D
  2. I totally feel you, texting girls while high is a complete trip because its exactly how you described but worse :laughing:

    luckily my lady is a bro so i can say pretty much anything and she'll have a reply for me :D
  3. You ass you made me lose the game.

    Oh and yeah I totally understand what you're saying though, which is why I'm pretty sure I'm just gonna stop texting girls unless I want nudes or something sexual. Fuck spitting game over a text message. Sometimes a girl will play little games and wait hours or even days before replying and I'm just waiting and wondering if I said something wrong. Then I'm like "wait...why do I even fucking care? It's a fucking text" and I just stop giving a fuck. I'd rather see you in person and use the stoner charm instead of trying to convey something flirty through a text.
  4. When im high texting a girl, I think WAY to hard. I fucking analyze the whole thing. :laughing:
    I try not to text anyone when im toking. Its annoying anyways.
  5. Oh man, I know exactly what you mean. You cant tell emotion over texts or anything and its just so much easier to talk in person, All though I flirt better over text when I'm high
  6. Smilies were created so that the feeble female mind; which is incapable of rational thought, and thus lacks the ability to convey emotion through text, can better communicate ideas with others.
  7. Yo I'm the exact same way man lmao. It's retarded. I'll reread it and think of every which way she could possibly take it and which way she is most likely to take it and if she doesn't reply with something positive I start bugging and doing it more and it's just downhill from there lmao.


  8. hashtags are a gc thing now too huh? :rolleyes:

    im not really much of a texter... if i send a text, its usually asking if that person wants to meet somewhere, because i prefer face to face human interaction over anything.

    and smiley faces are the best :D bitches love smiley faces:devious:

  9. I do it as kind of an ironic thing, considering I'm a skinny white kid and most hashtags say


  10. haha :hello:
  11. The only smiley a guy should use is the winking smiley. Anything else just looks lame and corny and weak as fuck.
  12. [quote name='"JeetJeet"']The only smiley a guy should use is the winking smiley. Anything else just looks lame and corny and weak as fuck.[/quote]

    It's a fucking smiley.

    Are you THAT insecure? :)
  13. Yeah not gonna lie I feel like a puss using a smiley face when having normal conversation with a girl about something that I generally like, but if we're flirting it's cool lol.

    Winky faces are the real threat here, makes me feel like a creep. Forreal who the hell winks at someone IRL
  14. Yes I am. I hate the way I look when I'm naked.


    smiley face

  15. my girl winks at me all the time irl...she never text winks at me though...:(
  16. [quote name='"MayorMcStoned"']

    my girl winks at me all the time irl...she never text winks at me though...:([/quote]

    I wink at you... You just don't see me because I'm creeping the shadow.

    ...soon, very soon. ;)
  17. I rather do Face to Face communication, never had an use of an cellphone.

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