Man I hate sketch dealers

Discussion in 'General' started by whiteka6, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. When my usual guy is not good for any at the moment I text this other guy, who always wants to meet in weird places. Like on a busy street or behind some random houses. I hate this shit. :(
  2. tell him to meet you in a less sketch area man... 4 get that doo doo
  3. The reason he is sketchy is because it's part of his job to be. Remember, he doesn't only sell to you. He sells to many other customers, who may rob him, beat him up, jump him, kill him, etc. There are many different things he needs to look out for. Therefore, he's probably meeting you on a busy street so that these things will not be able to happen, and he won't lose money.
  4. dealers aren't usually the sketchy ones. It's usually the users dealers are more focused on getting your money.
    Just keep your money in your pocket until he shows you the weed. Run if you get bad vibes just RUN.
  5. Man I've been in 3 deals that have gone wrong. If you get a bad vibe at all just don't follow thru with it even if it's minor just say no and get the he'll ou of there
  6. One of my guys likes to meet in random parking lot's... like of convenience stores, and Wal-Mart's. Kind of made me sketch at first, but haven't had any problems and it's like second nature now.
  7. my dealer picks me up and we ride around for like 5mins so its not sketch
  8. i heard that man, im clean out of bud right now and I been lookin for some cause prices too high from my usual guy, and i found a dude at school who is pretty noteable for being "a bad kid"(lol) and he said he can get an ounce for 130 (which is a fine price around where i live) so i'll try to make a deal with him soon, With a scale ofcourse!

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