Man... I done fucked up.

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. So it was only a matter of time. It might be a while from any of ya'll hear from me again. Last night an old buddy of mine crossed paths with me after leaving a local grocery store, and he had a liter of Admiral Nelson's so we polished that off, did some rid 40's, and smoked a lil' herb..... i was trashed.. and sort of forgot i had a drug test today...

    Well, I go to take my drug test at 9:30am and it's 8:43am right now, I had 2 hours of sleep last night.

    It's my own fault, I fucked up, but i think i can figure out a way to save my ass though, hopefully i'll be back on here after my probation meeting.

  2. my prayers are wit you dude :eek:
  3. shit dude that happened to my boy james hes locked up for 2 years hope everything goes good for ya man
  4. Best of luck man.. thats a shitty situation.
  5. fuck man, it's almost worst than hearing a friend could be dieng, hearing they're being kept alive but secluded... especially when they didn't even hurt anyone, if shit goes sour you should hop the border and go underground in Canada's lovely woodland.
  6. It's possible that you won't get locked up for failing one drug test. It depends on your P.O. though. What was your original charge? What did they say you would get if you failed?
  7. Wow, I can't believe that! I went in there expect my LAST drug test to be dirty, and low and behold it was CLEAN! I smoked the night before my test too, and every day up to it. I finally found a 100% fool proof way to pay a saliva test. Well, turns out when i went in there today my P.O. didn't give a shit that my community service hours weren't done and she didn't even drug test me, wow....

    Thanks for all the support guys, GC is like a family to me =)


  8. Well my original charge was 'PWITD' or Possesion With Intent To Distribute. I got it dropped down to a Misd. instead of a Felony, and my probation guidelines state that if I fail one drug test, get another conviction, or have any other violation of my probation that I will go back to court on the original felony charge. So in this case, yeah it would lock me up, for quite a while, which would suck. Anyways, thats not gunna happen... 9 monthes strong now of passing their saliva tests! :hello:

  9. umm... congrats? :hello:

  10. So that's it? You're done?


  11. No mayne, I got like 8 monthes left, I just really thought I was goin' to jail for a long, long, time. But that didn't happen, hopefully i'll be gettin' some herbage today :D

    Oh, and by LAST drug test, I actully mean't the one I took last, haha.

  12. Oh damn, Congrats man you got lucky.

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