Man hitting his wife

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  1. This made me sickened

    [ame=]Disgusting man punches wife in front of kids - YouTube[/ame]
  2. This video was already covered thoroughly on this website.
  3. No hope of escaping jail. Jackass.
  4. Goddamn you.
  5. man id hire the biggest baddest motherfucker i can find to make this dude cower like his wife was.
    p.s. id do it my self but im short as fuck!!!!!
  6. holy fuck that pissed me off.
  7. i dont condone hitting women, but it was that bitches fault, she provoked him by trying to punch him
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    Watching this video, I only have one question...

    Where is his playstation?
  9. i think i kinda understand where the dude is coming from. if someone were to punch me in the face id just snap. but i have anger issues...not saying he doesnt.

    but really man? hitting your own wife whos half your size? you dont deserve a dick..

    or a god damn playstation!
  10. I'm sorry, but playstation is the most important thing in a mans life. And I completely understand his pain.

    You see, I too lost my playstation.:(
  11. ^ playstation more important than your freedom?

    better get your priorities in check buddy.
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    this isnt solely about the sure it was something more like the straw that broke the camels back. shitty situation but the woman is a bitch, nothing more nothing less..displayed when she attempts to hit him, but breaks down when she gets hit herself. if he woulda clocked her right on the chin with that swing she woulda been OUT though lol

    in other words, she made a dumb slut move.(and so did her husband)
  13. Did he lose his freedom? She assaulted him first. No other way to look at it, whether you think it be right or wrong to hit women. Although he did ninja kick the tv.. so maybe that was the first act of violence.:confused:

    Although I don't agree with violence whatsoever, so in my mind they were both in the wrong.:rolleyes:

    I'd agree with this.

  14. it was his TV too.
  15. She is obviously smaller, so it was a pretty stupid move to confront him like that.
  16. That guy is a pretty shitty father to do something like that in front of his children.
  17. Did this video end up on the news or something? Looks incredibly fake, the way the woman just walks into view right after it starts like she could of been setting up the camera, then right after they both walk over to the camera and turn it off. Why would the camera have been on in the first place? Didnt seem like shit was going on, atleast nothing worth taping.

    If its real that guy is a serious piece of shit however, dont get me wrong.
  18. Yeah man, I was wondering why he had set up a camera in the first place. I mean personally I wouldn't put up a video of me punching my wife in the face in front of our two small children... not sure why he would.

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