Man gouges friend's heart and eye out

Discussion in 'General' started by Shogun, May 27, 2010.

  1. he isnt a registered professional, just some crazy dude on shrooms. that shit is intense tho.

    anyone hear about this? what do you think? should his friend have just tapped out?
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    Definitely should have tapped out.

    I have eaten TONS of shrooms in my day, and I have never had the impulse to do such a thing. This guy was fuckin wacked BEFORE he drank that shroom juice if u ask me.
  3. Moral is, dont mix steroids and shrooms. Itll make you dick small then make you think that drinking blood from your friends heart will make it big again.
  4. Now they are clearly going to blame everything on the shroom tea and not his psychotic ass. God Bless America.
  5. dats fucked

  6. LOL

    yeah it sucks that the shrooms are gonna have to take the rap for it all though. it honestly sounds like some crazy PCP shit went down.
  7. Ha I feel an empty space where my heart
    should be, that'd be the worse feeling ever....
    Just watching some dude cut your heart from you...
    Ah!! :eek:
  8. Sounds like Meth to me.
  9. I'm just sitting here trying to imagine my friend abruptly gauging out my eye and then going for my heart. What a terrible way to go.. but honestly he couldn't run away from a guy tripping on shrooms?
  10. I read that story earlier and it freaked me the fuck out.

    What bothered me though was in the news article I read it mentions that the guy had a "Marijuana Garden." Man who grows weed rips his friend's heart out. Fanfuckingtastic for weed publicity.

    Seriously though, drugs don't rip peoples' hearts out, crazy people do.
  11. How you going to just let somebody do that shit to you?

  12. it probably happened fast. They are both trippin, sitting next to physco, crazy mofo just grabs his face in a frenzy, rips his fuckin eye out, grabs a knife and opens him up before he can go ,"Dude WTF!?!?!?!?!"

    fucking insane. what the fuck, i couldnt even order a pizza on mushrooms how the fuck are you gonna do that to someone
  13. He prolly knocked him out cold and ripped his heart out. fool
  14. I don't think anyone has realized that it could have been one of the Amanita species of mushrooms. I mean, thats a dissociative, not a psychedelic, and I can see something like that happening on a really bad amanita trip.

  15. That was my first initial thought, steroid rage isn't so good before anything that can enhance it.

    Poor guy.
  16. pics or i dont belive lol
  17. Now I REALLY don't want any friends.
  18. That's all we needed was more ammo for ignorant fucks to argue with.
  19. my question is why are there so many ppl asking why did he let him do that...HES A MMA FIGHTER hes not some scrawny dude lol. i doubt he coulda got past him
  20. this! I've done plenty of drugs in my day, and never hurt anyone... Some people are just wacked out...

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