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man good thing i smoke

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Bad Voodoo, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. Fuck i was talking to my step sis today and got really into it and she started telling me crazy shit about my bro hitting on her and shit and fuckign shit blew my mind i cant think straight and i h8 my br0 and my mom h8 me and my step sis and the only chill person besides my sis is my dog cuz she tokes with me when i clam bake my car. but should i beat my bros ass for that shit cuz thats fucked up and i got 4 inches on him. enough of that though cuz ima blow you mind with some fucking time travel anologies i made up:

    A bullet in a circular tube accelerating. It increases in speed so much that it passes itself. Then it is actually sorta in 2 places but ahead of itself none the less. (like a nascar race lapping someone but that someone was yourself)

    Some smart peeps in my science class were fucking talking bout qauntom physics and a "paradox" that occurred(sp? who cares) in time travel. Such an example that blew my mind and got me thinking is that if you went back in time and killed your mom and shit so you wouldn't be born right. Wrong cuz you wouldn't be able to kill you mom in the first place. fuck i blew my own mind.

    if this didnt blow your mind sry if it did sry cuz youll think about this forever or until you load a mofacking bowl :DDDD im out like a fat kid in dodgeball
  2. Maybe I'm going on on a limb here, but someone ^^ seems stoned. Hmm that's kinda crazy about your bro and all but that stuff you posted is some crazy shit. I'm not sure what to think about that. If you want something kinda freaky. Just get stoned as hell in the dark by yourself and watch some shit on tv. Then turn the tv off all of the sudden while staring at the screen. I have a friend who claimed to see the Virgin Mary in his tv and he didn't sleep in his room for days.

    Keep Tokin
  3. well im on a lot of things

    dude you are THE coolest person bringing scooby into this cuz shaggy is a stoner 4 sho i met him at disney land.
  4. that stuff about your bro is fucjed up man. Seriously that's just fucking weird. The thing about the bullet doesn't make too much sense thought. It would be like eating yourself feet first or shoving your head up your ass so far it came of your mouth. I guess that could rasie a bunch of questions like if that actually happened would it just get blinked out of existence, like you might imagine would happen if you ate yourself? Would everything blink out of existence? Would that bullet finally hit 50 cent?
  5. well im offa it finally but not before spilling a route 44 on some hot bitch dayam fucked that shit up

    yeah that rocked my mind

    eating yourself
  6. LMFAO, this thread must be the funniest thread i have ever read, probably cause i just smoked a huge blunt full of super silver haze...

  7. Finally ... I subject I like. Let me explain to you in depth what these people probably were talking about, unless they are dumbasses. I have been studying physics, quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, etc. for years now.

    The bullet would never actually pass itself ... what would happen is this. Light travels at 186,282.4 miles per second. Now ... say this bullet was travelling at around 186,283.4 miles per second. Now, this bullet, theoretically, would be travelling one mile per hour above the speed of light. Now, since the actual bullet is travelling faster then light, and yet light still reaches us at a speed of 186,282.4 miles per second, then we would see one bullet infront of the other. Because by time the light reached us from the bullet which was actually travelling faster then light, it will be one mile behind the actual location of the bullet.

    Here is a beautiful example which was explained in so many words by Einstein. Imagine yourself in a spaceship sitting infront of a giant clock, for instance, the giant clock in London. You take off at 12:00 AM from the spaceship. For theoretical purposes let us suppose that the clock were always in perfect view no matter how far you travelled from it. Now ... you take off at exactly 12:00 AM. You accelorate to half the speed of light and look back ... instead of a minute passing every 60 seconds, it takes 90 seconds, because the light which bounced off the clock at 12:01 would not reach you till 12:01:30. Since you are travelling away from the clock, the light would take longer to reach you. Now, you finally hit 186,282.4 miles per second. The clock is still in full view. However, the clock stand at 12:01 forever. It does not move. You sit there and an hour goes by in reality but the clock still stands at 12:01. Why? Because the light that reflected off the clock at 12:01 will ALWAYS be behind you as long as you are travelling as fast as that light. But then push it ... go 186,283.4 miles per hour, one mile an hour faster then light. Push it ever further, go 200,000 miles per second. What is going to happen? The clock is going to start moving backwords. Why? Because the light that bounced off the clock while the clock was at say 11:30 AM ... a half an hour before you left ... you would eventually catch up with that light and pass it, therefore seeing time in reverse.

    Anyway, I could go on and on, I love the subject of all this, but it is past midnight here in NY and I have work tomorrow morning. So I will leave it at that.
  8. Time is a human concept. A way for people to measure the amount of action between points A and B. Time for me is what my brain perceives can happen and how much information I can process in a certain period. Say I'm walking from my room to my kitchen. While I walk I think what I want from the kitchen, that it's hot in my house, and then I'm there. If I'm stoned, I think about what I want in the kitchen, what it will taste like, why I like that particular item. I will think about this crazy connection I have with my senses. This makes me realize that it's hot in the house and that I should go turn the thermometer down. But once when I did that my dad got pissed. Oh yeah, the Playstation game Rez is the coolest thing ever. Now I'm at the kitchen. See how much more I processed. Time passed more slowly for me, as it does for everyone stoned, because their brain speeds up and processes more full thoughts in a certain period. So did you just time travel? I don't think so. I think time doesn't exist. It's just how we measure how much stimulus happens from point A to B.
  9. *bump* for a good thread.
  10. this is amazing wonder wat a reaction would be when one was shroooomin'..:)
  11. Im glad i read this sober, i think i tried stoned when the thread was first created and i just couldnt understand a word of what was being said. I like that idea about the speed of light in relation to the spaceship and the clock. so if we managed to travel fast enough away from this clock, to somewhere very very far away, then time we saw when we left wouldnt have reached that point yet if we were far enough away from it?? I think im confusing myself.
  12. a bullet in a circular tube would destroy the tube. am i missing something here?
  13. ^^ how would it? if it was a bullet, going through a straight tube?
  14. circular tube, not spherical ball.

    if it would break the cicular tube, then every single gun in the world would be destroyed after the first shot??

    tube = straw
    sphere = ball

    (im sure you understand this... just making it clear, i dont think your an elementary dumbass, so dont take offence... )
  15. the bullet explodes....changing the form
  16. But the question is, can you get something to go as fast as, or faster than the speed of light. They got some crazy ass labs, some long name that I don't remember right now, where they accelerate sub-atomic particles to ridiculously high speeds using magnetic fields and shit, but they can't quite make the speed of light, and I dont believe it is possible.

    But what would be awesome if we could get a machine that enables you to go almost the speed of light, then because of time dilation, you would be in there for like a day of YOUR time and when you come back out into regular speed, like 10 years have passed. Going back in time is only possible if you can break the speed of light.
  17. Ahhh, I can see it now, the newest anti-marijuana add!

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