Man, finding LSD is impossible. rantrantrant.

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by ashleyfya, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. I've always wanted to try it, even if just once to see what it's like. I mean, you only live once.
    I tried Ex, but it didn't do anything. Either I was sold a bad batch (which I probably was) or I just can't get messed up on it.
    Nobody around here can find shrooms, shit, I'm even having a hell of a hard time finding smoke. I've been trying to find a quarter for four days and I keep getting dicked around. And if I can't find smoke, I'm certainly not going to be finding LSD any time soon.

    Florida fucking sucks balls.
    Especially Port Richey.
    I can't even find anyone in TAMPA for God's sake!
    Everyone tells me I sound like a fiend, but shit, people are failing.

    Especially since my trippin' buddy, Marc is about to leave for nine months, and I don't trip with anyone but him. All we ever do is DXM, but he wants to try something new before he leaves, and we can't find shit except for meth and crack. And I refuse to do either of those.

  2. man dont feel bad its soo hard to find anything around where i live too but we got weed up to your eyeballs but nothing else and extasy and acid and anything like that is soo hard find
  3. At least you have weed.
    I'm finally about to go get some.. but it took like 3 days to get anyone to not fucking suck.

    But as much as I love my grass, it gets kind of boring when it's all you do.
    Hence the term "gateway drug".
  4. hmm.. dunno what to tell you bro cause weed, caps and acid are the easiest thing for me to get.

    try asking around and try to find a dealer that sells everything (weed, h, coke). these are the dudes that usually do it for a living and have really good connections. you might have to pay a bit more for your acid, but it'll always be good. hope that helps.
  5. Damn I found some the other day for 10 a hit. Wish I could hook you up bro haha
  6. I've been looking for acid since I knew about it. I might've finally found a way to get it through a friend, but we'll see.
  7. I think I might know of somebody, but he's shady as hell. He's just a freak, but any way.
    I don't know if i'd really trust his.

    But, I mean, TAMPA? Tampa has everything. But, no drugs.
    I also don't know how to approach anyone about that. My neighbors sell all kinds of drugs, but the only time I've ever spoken with then is when I found their dog and took it back. Twice.
  8. Aw man if your neighbors got drugs then you're all good! Just make sure they know you aren't a cop, and bring it up after a while...shouldn't be too hard.

    Just don't go pounding on their door like "Yo you got drugs?"
  9. I have 5 hits in my wallet hehe

    youll find a good connect sometime
  10. dayum
    share that shit
    with me man

  11. Look as hard as you can, ask random people and tell them to ask random people. I thought I cant find any in my town but I know its around. If you cant find any around you, go to a festival and get some there, thats what I did.
  12. why your wallet dude?

    i hope you dont wear it.

    ive got 4 gellies in the freezer right now.

    this weekend is gawn rock.
  13. Musicfestivals, Musicfestivals, Musicfestivals......

    Only place I've seen opium and LSD.

    I'm telling you this is where the money is at-----music festivals, you'll meet mad chill ass people with awesome connects.
  14. Fuck, I know, as soon as I start to really get into halucinogens this whole town goes dry.
  15. That faxing post made my night!
  16. lmao ive been able to find it for about 5 years straight and we live in the same town.

    just remember, it's not about where you live. it's about who you know.
  17. Its gona happen eventually just ask everyone u see who looks like they might like to trip face
  18. It will come to you when you are ready for it
  19. Yea,
    I'm sure Tampa has hella drugs,
    WTF is the OP talking about?

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