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  1. Ok so last night i was partying with some friends like any other night. and we decide to head up to the street races. so we do. we gas up and head up there. cops came a broke it all up like 10min after we got there. nothing new about that. but this is what is really fucked up. we start to head back to the party and well i get pulled over for speeding. nothing major just doing 10 over. now im high off my ass and drunk as f**k. the cop comes up ta the window and i hand him my ID and everything else he needed. my friend has a open 40oz of Old English 8.0 in his lap and the cop says "were yall headed to night" i respond back to a party. he says "were at" i said south side. he says "Sir pleas step out of the car and walk to my car and place ur hands on the hood" so i do and i was shocked i wasnt stubbling all over from the beer. and he starts to question me and all that bull shit. well im cusing at him and running my mouth cause this bitch ass pig dont believe me that we were really going back to the south side.

    well he starts getting pissed and says why do i smell beer on ur breath. i told that m**********r that i just ate some beef jerky like 10 min ago. a1 flavor to. still got that bag to prove it. well any ways the cop started herassing all of us last night for about an hour and then says were all getting locked up for weed and DUIs n shit. so him and his lil pig friend start to rape the s**t out of my car to find anything ta take us in. then he ask about my tats and says were u from. do u bang. i just gave him a big f**k you. well he never found shit and no1 got locked up and after they were done messing with us they write me a speeding ticket. and my friend gets a open container. and says we can leave.

    and what sucks even more is that i just got herassed by some cops the night before for some shit i wasnt involved in.

    heres the thing that i find really funny.

    1.were all drunk and high.
    2.there was about 5 ppl in the car
    3.they never read us our meranda rights.
    4.he the cop said that he was gonna look up every1s ass hole to find the "drugs that we dont do"
    5.cops thought my car was stolen.
    made me pop my hood to see if he could find any stolen parts
    6.they never opend my trunk to find shit.( the cop was to dumb to open it. he couldnt find the trunk leaver and didnt even bother to ask)
    7.tried to get evvery1 to snitch on every1
    8. they just some assholes.
  2. Thats pretty jokes. I still dont get why people take risks like driving high and drunk. Its stupid IMO..

    Whatever u got away pretty free. Nice
  3. How can you have "about" 5 people in the car?

    If you don't get arrested, then they don't have to read you jack shit, including your Miranda rights. Those are your rights once you are under arrest.

    Ya, it's nice to mess with people when you're fucked up and know you can't get in trouble. Personally, though, driving 10 over drunk and high isn't no big deal for me.
  4. I appreciate cops getting drunk drivers off the street.

    There are enough people who drive horribly while sober. The last thing people need to be doing is driving while wasted. :rolleyes:

    Call me preachy, but I don't think it's cool to endanger lives.
  5. yea i feel what u are saying. but i only go to a certain point in driving while intoxicated. and the street i was on the speed limit was 40 and i didnt notice a sing saying it changed to 30 so i just kept it in cruz control at 40 and yea. but i completely understand what ur saying about drunk driving. i hardly ever drive drunk. if i drink i bring a friend that dont drink and let him drive. why i didnt do it yesterday idk but what im wondering is why he didnt breatherlizer test me he new i had alco in my system. that was a real buzz killer
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    Heres a couple tips.

    Leave your ego at the fucking door, ricer. Anybody who cusses at cops isn't all that bright. Just be polite and respecful, even if you think he doesn't deserve it. And he wasn't trying to get you to snitch on eachother lol he was just seeing if everyones story was straight. So next time you encounter a cop try to be respectful and friendly, he'll put down his guard and you might even get off with just a ticket for that god awful car of yours.

    Some more tips.

    -Take off the fart cannon exhaust.
    -Put your seats in the correct position, your not fooling anyone by leaning them back.
    -Stop street racing, your 4cyl isn't fast.
    -Lol stolen parts under the hood? He should of known any civic owner doesnt even open the damn hood.
    -Turn the audio knob to the left, because your Sony xplodes sound like shit.
    -I don't care how cool you look you dont need all the windows rolled down.
  7. they dont have to read ur miranda rights if u arent arrested
  8. lol damn homie u really think i race on the street. dude i go to the track for that. I just go n watch them race out here. and 1. i dont have a fart can exhaust and my car is far from god awful. and im far from a rice. maybe u should look up what a ricer really is. and get ur facts before posting something like this. and i dont use sony explodes. i run JL audio. and my raido was turned down. fuck it wasnt even on we was all craking jokes. I used to have respect for police untill a few years ago. never meet so many ass hole cops till i moved to oklahoma.
  9. Lol, wow,someones got some self issues.:wave:
  10. Ok sorry dude I just cant stand civic owners lol but you seem alright. But man honestly even back in highschool I didn't give a shit. But I was so polite to the teachers they just loved me and passed me.

    Same goes with cops, be friendly man no matter what have a smile on your face. Say thank you, please, ect. Sorry for going off on you dude haha.

  11. Yeah having sort of a shitty day, well actually every saturday and sunday is shitty cause my rents are home and I cant smoke weed.
  12. i was really cool with the cop at first but when i told him i was cutting through this neighborhood to get to the main st he just started assuming i was running from him. i never seen him drive past me and even turn around. i was already in the neighborhood when he flipped his lights. and im not like most civic owners. i kno i only have a d17a2 @127hp stock N/A motor. but i do plan on putting a k24 with k-pro and forced air induction. alot of 7thgen ( civic in the years of 01-03 n 04-05) do kswaps. its a bigger faster motor and ppl get gain like 220 ta 290 hp on it. thats including all racing internal parts. and we got this race team out here called jp racing and they jack honda parts. thats why cops have honda owner pop the hood.

    but thanks for understanding. really apperiate that
  13. heres a few tips

    1. if rents are home just go to ur boys house and smoke with him.
    2. u can always try in take a few hits from a pipe and frabreez the room or just respect ur rents and drink a beer.

    hope ur day gets better bro

    P.S. dont drink n drive get high n fly

  14. I appreciate them getting drunks AND street racers off the streets, especially drunken street racers.
  15. im gonna be seeing alot of this aint i. shit o well thats what i get.
  16. For making a thread basically informing everyone of how big a moron you are, yes you will be seeing alot of this.
  17. this is true but like i said i really dont drink n drive ive only done it twice and the 1st time was just moving a car a few houses down. but then again i guess it dont really matter if it was a fisrt time or even a for a second. but i did learn my lesson. sure aint doing this again. well not drunk.
  18. This guy knows what hes talking about.
  19. Man I hate it when fucking cops think you bang and shit and say shit like "i know you bang" and shit..
  20. yea i kno but i do have a history with that and a few tats from my past life. so he does have the right to ask its just something they gotta do. and it dont really matter anymore i left that life style behind a long time ago.

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