Man Eater Outdoor Grow Update 7/4

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    So my seeds just got in today.

    But unfortunately due to the amount of space I have to work with I can only grow 2-3 plants.(Assuming all 3 become female)

    I'll be germing them via the paper towel method.
    Update: 5/26
    All seeds popped within 48 hrs.

    I put them in some Kelloggs patio mix soil.
    Update: 6/1

    Two out of three sprouted about 3 days ago.

    I'll be vegging them under some CFL's for  a month then I will put them outdoors.


    Update: 6/8

    Germinated 5 more seeds and all but 1 have sprouted.

    Also the other two I started about a week and a half ago are doing well.

    Update 7/4
    Well I bought a 150 watt HPS about 2-3 weeks ago and have been vegging them under that instead of CFLs.The three small ones got nute burned pretty bad from the kelloggs soil. I flushed the soil pretty well and the burning has seemed to stop. The larger one was in some seed starter soil and a bigger pot which is why it is healthier and bigger. I transplanted them into bigger pots last night.
  2. soak em and plant in soil! works faster for me and never had one not pop!
  3. Find more room! Don't waste your seeds!
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    Believe me I won't be wasting them.
    The thing is I have 6 clones already plus another bagseed so space is an issue.
  5. Ahhh okay. You didn't say anything about clones. My apologies.

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