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Man, drug tests are a biiiiii

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sidetracked, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. Alright, so I love weed. I don't want to quit smoking. I don't think people should be tested for marijuana unless usage has interfered with the overall work flow (coming to work high and being generally unproductive), etc. I have an interview with HEB tomorrow and I've heard that they do pre-employment drug screening, and I'm wondering if this is true. Additionally, I'd like to know if they do random drug testing. BTW I applied for checker, no managerial positions or anything like that. I'm underage, bruv.

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    pre-employment is the best; they usually just test you one then never bother to again. Just get clean while you're applying for jobs and your life will be a whole lot easier. then get than first check and start blazin up!! :smoke:
  3. yeah mayne but the thing is they might randomly drug test as well. I'm not even sure about the pre-employment.
  4. [quote name="Sidetracked" post=". BTW I applied for checker, no managerial positions or anything like that. I'm underage, bruv.[/quote]

    Underage huh?
  5. essentially, I meant that I am not qualified for positions higher than cashier, checker, and or bag boy. I assure you that I'm over 18. 
  6. never heard of random testing for any job that isnt for the higher ups, its to expensive to waste on grunts
  7. Your dumb lol, instead of pointing fingers how about you check the job he is going after and if you ever had a job your self, I dont think they will allow the 19 year old work the liqor area
  8. At least my accusations were based on some evidence, FYI, only 37 states have a law stating 18+ to serve or handle alcohol, and about the job, lmao only if you knew kid, only if you knew. Stop pointing fingers after saying its rude to point fingers.
  9. You totally just went on google for an hour huh? That's why you said only said "Underage huh?" Only cause he said that he's underage. You said only 37 states, lol only 37 states huh? That's just not like more than half the fucking U.S. You act like your the Internet police and that you have to take responsibilities for every little fucking thing.
  10. Wow buddy lets break this down, for one, read what you typed out loud and tell me if it makes sense. Second of all even if it was all but one you still can't assume he is part of the majority. Third of all, how rude can you be? "You act like your the Internet police and that you have to take responsibilities for every little fucking thing" I made one post quoting him and asking him about how he ment underage. If I was being the "Internet police" I would have said "no minors on this forum, he needs to be removed blah blah blah".
    Your sad.
  11. Oh and it took 8 seconds for Siri to tell me how many states, it's sad that your average search time on google is an hour, since you used your own experience to base your accusations
  12. Well there you have it. I just needed you to say that you found information about it after you posted thus saying you were just trying to figure out if he was underage so then you could sorry no minors allowed on here. No, I couldn't tell you what my average search time is cause I'm usually not searching google for ways to support my arguments
  13. Why don't more people use synthetic piss?
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    Remind me again how you know that I didn't use Siri before I posted. Please stop arguing, I do not have the ability to stop proving your deficiency of intelligence. And accusing me of intent to say those things. Tisk tisk tisk
  15. Why would you have to ask if you already knew your answer?
  16. Keep digging your grave man, let me break the word play down to a Second grade level, How do you know that I was not looking up something familiar to the topic, so I was asking him "Under age huh" as a question in regards, oh wait might be too complicated, as a question about his states laws and how it is effecting him. So by me asking how do you know, I'm asking you where is your evidence that I did, you are basing your accusations on assumptions, there's those words you can't comprehend again, why are you going out of your way to pick on somebody who in the first reqoute proved that your being ignorant.
  17. OP's name represents this thread pretty well.
  18. Right, I just won't let a ignorant troll get the upper hand.
  19. you wanted everyone to deduct that from the "underage huh?" That you wanted to know the laws of his state and how it's effecting him? In that case why didnt you just ask that if it was your real question instead of questioning the obvious since he stated that he was underage? I'm sure everyone wants to know those laws about being under the age of 21 even though most of us who lived past those years have already experienced it and knows enough about it. Still not buying that you didn't want to be an Internet policeman. You're getting way to defensive about why I questioned you. Now if you want to peruse this any far thinking that you've can win even though there is no such thing as a winner on the Internet be my guest.
  20. Yeah. I got this in the mail today.

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