Man Destroys Medical Marijuana Plants, Sets Everything On Fire - WTF?

Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Dec 16, 2014.

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    Crazy Man Destroys Medical Marijuana Plants, Sets Everything On Fire. This insane video has it all. Even Buddha gets a shout-out.

  2. What a dick.

    Plus he's a fool for "praying" to Buddha.
  3. He's just a fool all the way around... Buddha, Jesus or Allah not needed here..

    Shiva however might smite him tho! ;)

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    Dude's a dick and other dudes are like "Dude, don't be a dick. Dick."
  5. That dude would be beat down.
  6. 2mins in hell yes.....( destroy plants and pray while they burn)
  7. Ok the grower made a MAJOR mistake by trusting anyone to allow the grower to use his proporty.  This guy is clearly not right in the head when he hit his knees and prayed to buddah. Location and security are PARAMOUNT when growing weed. The grower screwed up, not the homeowner.
    Homeowner = 1
    Grower = minus 10k worth of medicine.
    Be smart when picking a location to grow. The place where I am living at now would do the same thing.
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  8. Wait...I thought that Buddhism was the best religion according to most liberals. As a Born Again Christian I'm appalled at such behavior. If I were still a property owner and everything was above ground and legal, I would have allowed them to grow $50,000 worth of medicine as long as they threw an ounce my way every month or so. I'm guessing that they maybe had more than what the state allows and the property owner was afraid of getting a visit from the DEA ? IDK. Aren't you only allowed a certain number of plants per person or something ?
  9. hope you're joking about the Buddhism thing. Just cause there's one crazy dude that "practices" Buddhism or whatever the fuck that was doesn't mean everyone else is like that. I don't judge all Christians on the actions of the kkk
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  10. Growers fault. You gotta know your business partners so this shit doesn't happen...
    lol "born again" christian.
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  12. lets not start bashing religion now guys..
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  13. Whats the best way to rile up the entire GC community? Show a guy burning a few pot plants
    Whats an even better way? Throw in a few seconds of a guy reciting the 'nam myoho renge kyo' buddhist practice, so even the anti-religious/spiritual fans can storm in too
    really though everyone involved in this video is making a bigger deal of this than needs to be.  Its a few plants, big deal. Call the police and straighten it out. Find a better business partner/land owner next time. As for the patients, again, big deal. I'm sure they will be able to find a new supplier for a few weeks without any problem.  Unless they were getting some sort of special discount from this guy but I doubt it.
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  14. Yes, Born Again of the Spirit. The spiritually blind will never understand.
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  15. And let the shit show begin....

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    Born again christians are fucking hypocrites.
  17. Just going to interject and say keep the religion argument to yourselves, guys. Have a little decency, please? <3
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  18. Nice...
  19. Whoops sorry I said anything. I don't have a problem with religious people but I do have a problem with people that insult other religions/beliefs/ways of life.

    Should we get back on topic now?
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    It's true. They think their sins can suddenly be forgiven just because they decide to renew their faith. And some take their faith to the next level.

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