Man claims attack by lion, saved by a bear

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    This story is nuts! Apparently, an avid hiker was doing his thang, hiking away, when he came across a familiar group of bears, mother and her cubs, and he was watching them do what bears do at a distance of 40 feet. Now, we all know that if you are in the woods and come across a mother bear and her cubs you better do your best not to get noticed or seem aggressive because mama bear will fuck you up, but apparently this man knows these bears and even says he's played "patty cake" with a cub while the mother looked on not worried at all. Anyhoo, this guy was watching his favorite bears when all the sudden a mountain lion attacks him. The man thinks the lion was stalking the cubs but decided he was easier prey. The man's large hiking backpack helped saved him from the attack but it was the mother bear who intervened and fucked up the lion till it ran away. Fucking incredible story!

    Man claims attack by lion, saved by a bear - Paradise Post

  2. awesome story thanks for sharing
  3. Awesome indeed, if true!
  4. Believable- Mama bear wasn't protecting the man- she was dealing with a threat to her cubs! Man, or no man, she would attack any big predator that was near her cubs!
  5. But doesn't almost every animal view man as a big predator?

    An adult male is about the same size as a big cougar.
  6. [quote name='"Olesmoky"']But doesn't almost every animal view man as a big predator?

    An adult male is about the same size as a big cougar.[/quote]

    Not those without much experience with people... or those that have been conditions to associate humans with food
  7. "a familiar group of bears," "has seen the mother bear and its cub last spring and fall."

    Mama was familiar with him and didn't view him as a threat. With a Mama who didn't know you, the results could have been QUITE different!
  8. That is damn awesome.

    Animals aren't as stupid as we like to think they are.
  9. If itd been a stoner hiker that watched a bear save him from a mountain lion. Then BATTLE said mountain lion..

    The news heading would read "One Dead From Heart Attack for Viewing Nature At Ulimate Awesomeness"
  10. Could you imagine being stoned and hiking that same trail and you see either a) the lion attack/bear rescue or b) man playing patty cake with a cub? I'd report back to tell the world I have in my possession the best weed in the whole world.
  11. I'd probably be like dude... you need to get the fuck away from that bear cub before you get bitch slapped by the brown fury.

    Any man who feels safe making contact with a bear cub in the wild is clearly insane, or very unaware of bear nature.
  12. haha ^^^. That would be pretty frickin sweet. I wanna play with a bear... and not die
  13. To bad there isnt a video.. that would be intense.
  14. That's pretty crazy. I'm gonna have to go with Granny's explanation though
  15. Mama bear didn't want no cat breaking her baby's toy
  16. good thing he's 69 :)metal:) years old...once you've seen something as awesome as a bear fighting a men lion is person there isn't much else to see
  17. Yahweh was smiling on that man, now that's an experience!

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