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  1. Hey blades! New to GC here! So this is the deal: I just purchased a 10x20 shed for my back yard and of course it will be my smoking/man cave. So what do you guys suggest go in there? I'm completely void of ideas at the moment so any awesome ideas?

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  2. Atvs, dirtbikes and your new grow room.
  3. I've never grown before but it would be awesome to try

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  4. Some kind of heater
  5. A ventilation system that allows you to attach a vaporizer do you can have instant hot boxes
  6. Definitely posters. Preferably trippy/psychedelic. 
  8. music posters, mini fridge, tv, stereo, microwave, arm chair or small couch, laser lights, coffee table, and some sort of shelves for all your paraphernalia

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  9. I JUST created a thread about this. But in your idea, a small fridge and microwave, TV, couch sleeper sofa bed and trippy ass posters or even just family photos to remind you of good times sounds like a great idea. I also agree with @[member="AntiChrist"] that a heater will be good. I've seen electric TV stands with heaters built in.

    In that setup, you're spending like $2,000 give or take. Also, a dresser or storage cabinets with a loft in the shed may work as well
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    You can't forget a good sound system for the TV. Also, you can add WiFi for Netflix, GC, Facebook, etc..

    So you're looking at:
    $200 for the kitchen
    $600 sofa
    $700 for good size TV and speakers
  11. These are awesome ideas! I'm gonna keep it simple though. The shed comes Monday and I will run power to it Tuesday so we will soon see how it comes together.

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    Grow lights and more grow lights, build a couple walls with nice rooms and never buy weed again.
    Thats just half the shed. have the other part for tools and toys.
    My shop has a metal lathe and milling machine, wood working tools, I have everything I need to make a gun from solid blocks of steel wood or plastic if I wanted to. I fix stuff and build weird nerdy shit though.
    My shop is more of a mad scientist's lab.
  13. Put in a TV with a kickass sound system and a few armchairs. Have a bigass bong and a coffee table as well and have like a mini fridge or something to make sure you've always got something to eat/drink.
    Also, depending on whether or not you play games, get a console of some type in there. Great for when you have friends over and what not.
  14. at least one couch, a computer + sound system and a fridge...
  15. Turn the whole thing into a grow room. Use profits from the weed and buy a larger shed to be your new man cave. Rinse and repeat.
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    Decent TV/stereo system with HDD full of movies/comedy series, coffee table and some nice couches are essential. Oh and a fridge cause f**k walking inside for a beer. If you are into glass a nice display cabinet for all your pieces is pretty cool too.
    Edit: Didn't read the other comments lol but looks like everyone's on the same page.
  17. Put a fridge, tv, couch, .... Etc you know the essentials!

    I just copped an 8 x 2 bp table and put it in my room. It also can function as a desk!! That was definitely a good decision

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