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Man builds Tesla Gun

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by tokinbud420, May 16, 2012.

  1. In his basement:eek:

    this is awesome.

    The Tesla Gun | d

    some pics from the link



    and a video of the Tesla Gun in action

    The Tesla Gun - YouTube!

    thoughts? I believe this man just may be the reincarnation of Nikola Tesla ;)
  2. that is so fucking cool
    did the creator have an unfortunate accident yet?
    alone in his home?

    watch how fast milatery industrial complex shoves its penis up that creators ass with no lubrication
    either he will be hired for the complex or he will have an accident,
    with shit like this,,,these days...aint no middle ground.
  3. #4 cball, May 16, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: May 16, 2012
    You tube is a hoot...I watched that and noticed all the other toys I made as a kid were also posted as new weapons/ideas/free-energy....oh it was a ROFLMFAO time for sure...

    ...this one though gets due credit...it's fucking portable!
    I wanna build one and take it to south America, into a remote tribes village...and become their new god!:hello:

  4. I'm just watching the video thinking about getting caught up in one of those things. ouch

    i can actually feel the electricity
  5. I want one of these guns, i'd feel like a god.

    and yea rotties i'm sure it won't be long before this man suffers a tragic 'accident' in his home, driving home from work, etc etc.
  6. I wonder what tesla would have thought...
  7. This is too sick, not to mention I could only imagine how badass you would look carrying that. :cool:

    The actual death ray gun theorized by Tesla was using the timespace energy/orgone energy to focus a beam that would seriously vaporize anything in its path, he even stated that you would be able to set the beam length or the gun would set itself. Good thing he was more intent on giving the world free energy than free death (we already have that..). :(

    They have already made guns with explosive rounds that calculate the distance until the target, so when you shoot it the round explodes when it travels the distance...

    Can you say target destroyed?

    Humans may not be good at a lot of things, but nobody can deny the fact that we know how to kill each other with new and exciting ways as the years go by. :rolleyes:

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