Man bites Dog

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by aznno0odles, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. hahahahahahha dude must of been crack'd ooout
  2. haha i knew itd be this story....happened right down the street from me. I guess this is one for "stories from your hood"
  3. WTF. Charged with cruelty to animals? That isn't cruelty at all, fucker bites you you have a right to defend yourself. If anything, biting back is the most fair thing he could've done. I love dogs, but thats some bullshit charges.
  4. In russia man bite dog!
  5. Don't do PCP kids!
  6. He asked a cop for angel dust ahahaha.
  7. looks like a dog biter...
  8. i bite my dogs when i wrestle with them. i go for the ears

    i figure its only fair if they are going to bite me
  9. hahahah he has that "I'm really high and I did something really 'funny'.." look on his face hahah
    what a tweeeeeeeeeak
  10. What the fuck? Are you serious?

    This guy was on PCP. He told a cop he needed more PCP, punched the cop in the face, and the K9 was defending its owner.

    This piece of shit was the assailant. He wasn't defending himself.
  11. I love his picture, the guy must of been pretty hungry though.
  12. Yeah I'm dead serious. The other charges were fine, animal cruelty is just some bullshit charge that they slapped onto him. Assailant of the officer, not the dog. He was defending himself from the dog. Its super simple, I'm not saying that you should take pcp, then go ask a cop for more pcp, then punch him in the face, then bite his dog which is defending him, all I'm saying is that the animal cruelty charge is bullshit.

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