Man accused of abusing 4-month old puppy

Discussion in 'General' started by rumandromanism, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Fucker deserves to have his throat slit.

    I know it might seem harsh, but anyone who hurts an animal like that I don't think deserves to live.

    I hope that puppy heals ok and fast.
  2. Wow, the guy even LOOKS like a douche bag.
  3. fuck the legal system,

    take the fucker out back and beat the tar outta him.

  4. What a winner.
  5. If your music teacher let a 2nd grader make him cry then he must have been the biggest pussy on the planet.

    As for this asshole, I wouldn't be opposed to sentencing him to death, but I'm old fashioned.
  6. The music teacher was a lady, so....
  7. Oh, haha.

    Well in that case she was a very weak minded lady to allow a second grader to get into her head like that.
  8. I love that they put his address in the article!

    Sic 'em, boy!
  9. Hahaha they did too! Oh man that made me laugh.
  10. Scumbags like this need something a bit more severe. I think a curb stomp is probably deserved in this case.
  11. I think I'll pass on the violent behavior...he'll get what is coming to him in some way or another. Especially if he gets put in county.

    P.S. DirtyPete, I think she was at least 65-70. Not that it's an excuse for being a fucking pussy.
  12. This is awesome. I can get some use out of my metal bats now...
  13. Another piss poor member of society.

  14. "now say goodnight!"
  15. there are two kinds of ppl that need to "watch" out in prison or any kind of jail is child molester/rapers....the other is animal abusers

    oh..he'll get whats comming

    but in the mean time i really wouldnt mind seriously fucking his world up...

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