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Mama Meeya

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by gumby, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. Point of information.
    From a newbie
    I have a short story.

    I have a plant about 12 weeks old. And became concerned it was time to harvest, so I cut about 3/4 of the plant down and left 1/4 with some buds on it to continue to grow. A day or so ago I found out the little leafs on my planets were called axis and this is good thing. On this one plant after about 2 weeks after the cutting the axis and other leafs perked up and went into a grow cycle. They are spouting new branches including vegy leafs.
    By the way. all the 7 leaf leafs fell off 2 -3 days after I cut it before they started to gorw back. The entire stem ( woody) part of the plant has hundreds of these axis type leafs and some of them grew to be about 2' long with minny leafs shoots coming off of them.
    The remaining Bud leafs turned a very deep green with loads of hairs, but there are only maybe 2-3 of these buds.
    The reat of the plant seems to be trying to come back to life.

    A little history - The plant was started on a windowsill in florida then moved to 150 Watt HPS and 160 watt flor and a single 150 Metal Halide.
    It likes to be watered fully 2 time a day the soil is very wll draining and if I don't water it I fear it will cook.

    I am hopeing as I read they all these baby axia shoots may turn all to bud..I will take a photo later and send progress.
    I think because I have alot of light on it, it gets a good chance to grow beyond it's cycle.
    Also it is rather common in Florida to get annual plants to turn into perinials.
    We shall see.

  2. "On this one plant after about 2 weeks after the cutting the axis and other leafs perked up and went into a grow cycle. "

    Ave. Are you saying you trimmed the plant down by cutting the axials off, and where did the new leaves come from? I am assuming you left the main stem alone and only trimmed the smaller buds off the axials? just trying to clarify, pictures would be wonderful...thanks.

    take care.

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