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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by scatfactory, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. I should of taken a screenshot, but I cut and pasted and continued along. I haven't been infected. That is my browser (Google Chrome) simply letting me know that the given '' has been reported to host malware/spyware. I know how web advertising works (ive owned several large forums) and sometimes you don't have control over that stuff. Just wanted to let the admins know so that they can do something about it if they choose to.
  2. Thanks for letting us know about what you encountered. I've forwarded the info to Superjoint.

  3. you should have taken a screenshot because the first text you so called copy paste, is not real anywhere, except that you are luring us into malware site to check out......

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    I completely agree. It was in poor taste to link the actual URL. Trust me, I'm not looking to infect anyone's system...I fix computers for a living and the last thing I want to do is have someone experience the wrath of god-awful spyware/malware.

    I am not blaming GC for anything. I have been trying to re-create the issue with no avail. In the time that I have been a member on here I have only seen that 2 or 3 times and it always points back to the smoke free whatever. There is no proof outside of what I copied. I do know it's not your site that is hosting the malware.

    I went though my browser history and am able to re-create the issue if I go directly to that site that was making Google Chrome prompt me about the risk. But like I said, I have been unable to recreate the issue on GC since reporting it here. I have attached the page similar to the one displayed when I was browsing GC, the only difference is the wording.


    After doing some of my own research I found this, Malware Warning on our website,, which appears to be false - Webmaster Central Help

    Here is a slew of other similar results: The website appears to host malware - Google Search

    I want to make myself very clear that I am not trying to waste your time or infect others, I am trying to help keep this place safe for its users. Like previously stated, I have owned and operated several forums and I found its easier to take care of these things before they spread and actually cause any damage. I want to do nothing more than help :)
  5. This has never happened to me in my 2 years here, pretty much daily. And I'm pretty good with a computer, so I'd definitely pick it.
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    What browser are you using? I'm not doubting you, I've been lurking on this forum for some time and just recently decided to register and until then I had zero issues, and even now with the amount of pages viewed/refreshed the 2-3 times I have seen it are very low. I just wanted to make sure the webmasters/admins knew something wasn't 100% right before it develops into something larger or even starts to break the SEO rankings (because I know that those are a chore).

    Here's some more information:

    Taken from: oliverf: Cross-site Warnings
  7. I use Chrome primarily, but use Firefox when I'm doing school work because WebCT looks better in Firefox than Chrome.

    Like I said, this has never happened to me in my 2 years of being here...and judging from the rest of General Feedback it has never happened to anyone else but you.

    So you'll have to excuse me for being a doubting Thomas
  8. I agree, because you have not seen it you have every reason to doubt me. Like I said, after the myriad of pages I have viewed I have not been able to re-create the issue. I am very confident it is not my computer/network that caused the notice. If malware/spyware has been injected into GC's code then there is a door open to further and larger problems down the road, regardless of it being a sporadic or constant issue.

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