Malware detected message on Chrome

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  1. I suddenly got a warning from Google chrome. It said that planetsmileys contains viruses.

    I just cleared my cache and ran my CCleaner to make sure my computer is fine and my virus protection(including SuperAntiSpyware Pro and Malwarebytes) hasn't found anything on my system.

    However, I'm getting a warning from Google about entering one forum thread and it's only one forum thread.

    The thread below is the one doing it.

    The warning says that are being flagged as malware on that thread. It also says that Google has reported to about the problem.

  2. I use google chrome too and entered that thread and got the same message, weird.
  3. I get that same message in chrome,but I don't get anything like that in other browsers.I think it's just chrome spazzing out.
  4. I am also getting this message. On both Chrome and IE. I have moved the thread from public view and will get the issue resolved.

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