Mall + Cheerleaders + weed = my saturday

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by miamidopeboy, Apr 24, 2006.

  1. ok so i wake up bright and early at 1230 on a saturday, eat some breakfast that wass already brought from a restaurant. i wake up my stoner buddy lying on my couch with no blankets and hugging a deflated beach ball and twenty minutes later were on our wat to a mall burning a eight of miami's finest . we head out to a very wealthy area and we get to the mall after trying to park for an hour and burning in the car. we walk in high as fuck start walking blah blah. we see a bunch of people crowding up in the open area of the mall and we see a stage set up were like wtf is gnna happen here, we some people with Miami Dolphin signs we figure cool players or cheerleaders, then we hear its about lil kids perfoming so we said fuck it lets keep going. as were walking it suddenly gets very queit and before we know what we are in a collision course with twenty beautifl bikini high heal wearing miami dolphin cheerleaders. i froze and blushed and laughed till i was crying from how funny i thought it all was, now the thing is one of the girls im "dating" is a cheerleader for the dolphins luckily she hadnt made the cut this year so she wasnt there and she doesnt know i smoke. anyways so here i am with my buddy staring down these beautiful women who are standing next to me, and my god did they smell good. theres tv cameras everywhere and there talking to the girls and me and my freind are walking around bloodshot eyes and all walking up to cheerleaders and just smiling laughing and looking at them, they all laughed and one of them said something like "uh oh here comes jay and silent bob" it was a good three or four minutes probally the best of my life. we walked right out that mall and called up our dealer and bought more of that shit he sold us. all we kept thinking was 1. noone will believe us
    2. this is the best weed ever
  2. lol jay and silent bob, thats pretty funny.
  3. haha dude i think i saw that tv show! i was flipping through channels and it was cheerleaders so i was like...yahh... and that was yesterday

    i didnt see you guys though, i mustve flipped away b4 then
  4. Heh thats great, the Jay and Silent Bob line made it!

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