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  1. ..whats so bad about em? they produce seeds right?..wouldnt that be good though?
  2. hello!!!..please someone tell me what is wrong with males!!???!!?..(noones responded)
  3. Males are good for breeding that's about it. Males themselves don't produce seed but the pollen from the sac or balls on the male plant land on female pistils or flower clusters make the female produce the seed.

    Peace GB
  4. theyre not smokable??
  5. They are smokeable if picked at the right time I also heard they dont have as much THC in them to get you that Sky high but you'll get high
  6. oh ok, some of these ppl in other threads i was lookin at are confusin the hell out of me...a bunch of ppl are lik yes males are awesome i hope theyre males and the other ppl are lik fuck, males suck if its a male get rid of it right lik wtf is goin on lol :p
  7. wait a sec...males are only smokeable if picked at the right time??..

  8. females are the ones that have the big titty buds. If your gunna smoke a male, your are gunna have to smoke a shitload of leaves, or you could always make hash.
  9. At what point during their growth should I be able to tell male from female? Where on the plant do I look for these balls?
  10. its pretty early..theres another thread around here somewhere that has a pic with everyone commenting that its male..its quite easy to tell cus theres just these balls all over
  11. hahaha, its all good :)
  12. Leaves will do nothing but give you a sore throat, not enough THC to get you high. You can make them into hash, though.

    And yes, females are the only plants worth the time and effort to grow. Its not worth months of work to get a 5 second weak buzz, if even. Dont even think it produces buds..just pollen. Males are no good, females are the way to go, just like in life, thats a easy way to remember it :)

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