Males are the dominante gender...

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  1. .... Atleast male humans are more physically dominante then women. I often hear feminists complain that they are physically equal to men. This is just not true, males are faster, stronger and bigger then females.

    I say this not to offend any women out there, but because it is the way nature intended us. In the animal world there are many cases were the female is the dominante of the two sexes (Like the tiger, to give an example), and the female tiger is faster, stronger and bigger then the male tigers.

    People are really not intelligent. All we are, are animals and it is in the divine process of evolution that the male human is more physically dominante then the female. I am not going to talk about intelligence, because neither gender is significantely superior, but it just erks me when I am talking to some one who is so narrow minded. I realize that it is idealistic to say that every one is "born equal" according to any charter of rights or freedoms, but again, that is not nessisarily true. I don't want to get into the topic of Nature Vs. Nurture, but both nature and nurture play important roles in development of a person, but nature musn't be forgotten and it is a power that we cannot control but observe and agnolage.

    /end rant
  2. yes, the males may be more physically dominate, but they have found females are better communicators and nurturers...

    so the way i see it is that males and females are equal but in different ways, equal in that the male makes up only half the "puzzle" and with a female the elements for new life are complete

    the male can bring the food, the female can nurture the child and the cycle repeats.

    i'm viewing this in terms of a nomadic/agricultural revolution time period. it just makes more sense to me that way
  3. Well, OK, but why is the female better? Perhaps one could look to social conditioning?
  4. Ever hear of the Mosuo?
  5. I think it's all relative where humans are concerned. I've seen some women (gladiator) that could knock the shit out of a scrawny dude (The Jonas Brothers)? Ha Ha Ha
  6. no i don't think that's what myself or head dead (if i can speak on his behalf) are saying. it's just on the whole men are generally stronger.

    take an average man and an average women.
    compare their athletic abilities...the man for the most part i would assume is stronger/faster etc.

    as much as i hate generalizations
  7. In fact theyve studied this. As children boys and girls are relatively equally strong (esp leg strength). Then puberty comes and women remain equally strong while guys skyrocket in strength.

    Its pretty common knowledge that androgens promote muscle strength, and guys naturally have much more. Anyone who says women are equal physically havent opened their eyes.
  8. Sorry for joking.

    I agree, it has always been that way. Men are stronger than women. Pretty much a no brainer.

    Let me ask you this:

    Do you believe that some races of humans are superior/inferior in this regard?

    (No ugly racist comments please).
  9. well i view it as give and take

    (please don't take what im saying as racist as it is in context etc.)

    ok well black people obviously have over the years developed dark skin so they don't get massive sunburn in africa.

    put an irishman in africa and see how long he lasts.

    however the lean and dark skinned africans would not last very long in say russia or sweden, where the body fat compositions are a bit higher as insulation from the cold.

    nowadays though it really doesn't matter as we have sunscreen and awesome coats
  10. Males may be physically stronger.

    "Dominate" means to rule over or to control. Physical strength doesn't equal dominance.
  11. im not gunna lie... there are quite a few women ive met that could easily claim they are stronger than me....

    on average though, ill agree with your statements... simply look at the results of any sport (swimming, track, etc) for men vs women...

    it dont matter, humans are nothing special... too much to know, ahhhh
  12. This is true. Males are built differently. However that doesn't mean they are superior. Both genders evolved into what was best for them.

    And obviously there are some seriously strong females. My ex was one of them.

    I find it interesting which sex is 'dominate' in different species. In several species of birds, specifically birds of prey, the female is much larger and heavier than the male. The female mosquito is friggin enormous compared to the little males that bite us.

    It all has to do with evolution. Back when the evolution of humans was relevent and needed, males were bigger and stronger because males were the sex that hunted, provided and protected the family. While the females job was to give birth and do the home-type thing.
  13. I think you are confused...or am I confused? :confused:
    Are you sure you aren't referring to these:

    Crane fly - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  14. Yes, I see differences in the races. This would make me a racist. However, to attribute the characteristics of a group to an individual is when racism becomes harmful, and that I don't do.

    Many of the differences are environmental, but there are a few physical characteristics that differentiate regardless of environment, such as the superior physical prowess of blacks.

    Then again, was this trait developed through environmental conditions, such as slavery? Hmm...
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    You guys can have faster/stronger... blah blah blah.

    I'll take intelligence and balance. :)

    But for real. Why does it fucking matter? We ARE equal. Men and women are equally as good but at different things.

    Who fucking cares if you can beat me down? Would it make you feel more superior?

    We all know domination isn't just about how strong you are physically.

    (Just because we're kinda on the subject, my friend said there was something he did in school that had to do with balancing against a wall that all the girls could do and none of the guys could.

    I would like to know what this is.... if anyone has any idea pm me.)
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    Everyone has a purpose. There is no point in saying you're 'superior' than women, because unless both work together they are both useless by themselves.

    As far as other races being superior in different ways, I'd say that's true.

    For instance, black folks that live in Africa are pounded on by intense heat and sun all the time. Their dark skin protects them from the harmful UV rays.

    Asians seem to be far more capable of developing new technologies and increasing the efficiency of technologies we already have.

    Seems that way to me anyway.

    I guess white folks are just good at being white, drunk, and angry.

  17. I don't think people have a hard time admitting that male have a greater capacity for physical strength I think the problem is that many people think that means they are naturally superior, which is bullshit. Even the physical strength thing is kind of iffy, if one man never works out if would be unwise of him to physically challenge a woman who is a body builder.

    Another thing is, many times whenever someone has traits which usually attributed to another gender they are openly criticized for it, which is wrong. A woman with more a more masculine body type is just as important as a man with a more feminine body type. Human's are dynamic that way.

    much love,
  18. Both men and women have their strengths and weaknesses, but those differences compliment each other beautifully. There is a definite balance that is created. Both sexes have very important, necessary qualities. I would not say one is superior over the other, simply different.
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    sure it does 9 times out of 10 because physical strength is what its going to boil down to in a disagreement. wars etc... its human nature to fight. yeah theres always gonna be exceptions to the rule, but if you picked 100 of your most prepared women soldiers to fight 100 best trained men to fight it out, i got bad news for the females. some women seem to take it to heart that they arent as good, fuck it guys arent as good at a lot of things on other ends of the spectrum.

    for whatever those reasons women feel inferior i hope i NEVER make someone feel that way because its not something to be boasted. i have a friend that is big into womens rights surprisingly because usually girls like that annoy me, but i also have a good friend the complete opposite who likes being that petite womenly figure who is FAR from stupid but dosent mind asking a man for help when its needed. the girls that "can do it myself" all the time are so annoying to me. men need women as much as women need men for different purposes

    food for thought- why is it looked down upon for a man to hit a woman, but not so much a man to hit a man? my opinion is because its not fair nuff said :)
  20. or for a woman to hit a man

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