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  1. i just need to know for shure this is a male plant. its only like a month and a half old and i can already tell the sex?
    i cant get any pics but its like 5'' tall and only near the top like small sacks wich i know it means its a male but can i really tell this early or should i wait a bit
  2. no pic try again
  3. Did you use Manage Attachments below???
  4. it sounds like a male and also 6 weeks old is not particularly early for sexing
  5. did you read the way it is described? to me it SOUNDS like a discription of a male plant

  6. Chill.

    You are probably right, small sacks may well be male preflowers.
  7. Spanish fly you need to chill , keep the peace man:wave:
  8. Most likely its a male but dotn worry u have lots of time before those sacks open up and cum on your females. Wait and see if they get any bigger, then destroy!! What strain are you growing ? You might want to keep a male or two to breed if you have a second grow room
  9. I am as chilled as areally chilly thing.

  10. Last year I kept one male, he stayed in his small pot so he never got big, well away from the girls.
    I shook him into a plastic bag, then put a branch of one of the girls into the bag, shook that, left it there for a couple of days.
    It worked a treat, I got just one branch with MASSES of seeds. Does this count as IVF??

    But be careful that male don´t spill his load before you expect him to.
  11. i love that idea so much and the simplicity of it! i read that posted somewhere else after i was planning on growing a female and male in a seperate area.

    thank you for making me see the light!
  12. Yes, do it!! I was surprised that something so easy was so effective.

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