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  1. im a noob so bear with me......why do people always say to get rid of the male plants?
  2. because male plants, instead of growing that which we strive for (trichrome covered buds) male plants produce POLLEN. What female buds consist of are calyxes, and trichromes (yes there are more elements to buds, but not for this purpose) calyxes are produced by the female plants and can be thought of as "pods" similar to pees in the pod. Trichromes (the stickey crystal looking glands, which eventually become CRYSTALS) are produced to "catch" the male pollen. Once a plant is pollenated, it becomes virtually useless in the sense that it is now seeded. Unless you are breeding your own hybrid, as soon as male plants are visible, destroy them, they are useless, and it takes only one male plant to pollinate an entire crop BE AWARE!

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