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  1. Im really confused at what is going on with my plant, along the nodes there are little growths looks like a leaf but its splits down the middle but like a bowl, where it has no real opening... Kinda like 
     / \\
    ( | )  but its like closed up
    Its still in veg and its outside.. i don't know what that is... and its up to like 10+ nodes

  2. Can you post a pic?
  3. Let me borrow your phone? I can't i drew a nice picture...  Like.. its right next to the long green thing.. 
  4. Oh and they are only showing up on some nodes.. not all of them. Like a couple.. 
  5. Were gonna needs pics if u want help

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  6. Ok, as soon as i can get a couple hundred dollars for a macro camera, ill take a picture, but by that time ill be dead.. 
  7. So your mad because we cant tell you weather or not your plant is male or female from a "picture" you creates with keyboard letters? 100 camera? How about any smart phone? #1 if you need help don't be a smart ass.

    1. Get a camera
    2. Post pictures
    3. Tell your mother you love her

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  8. Im not mad..  You just need imagination
  9. This was some funny shit.

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