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Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by notholden', Jan 7, 2003.

  1. Whats' the deal w/ male and female MJ plants.All mine look green. How can I tell the diff. and when can I start to pinch off the tips to incurage thicker growth.[sizewize] My best plant is about 8-10 in. tall at 5 weeks of growth on the window sill.We get all the sun we need here in central Fla.but an attack by some woodbe stoner bugs almost destroyed my lil baby.thank god for dishsoap' n water sprayed on the leaves til the pests took off .A magnifying glass also helps locate and identify the problem.Sorry,I'm rambling and not even lit.YET.........When can I harvest, and does hanging the whole plant roots and all from inside the peak in he attic sound like a good place to cure it. Sorry bout all the questions but I Was Told'' THE ONLY STUPID QUESTIONS ARE THE ONES YOU DON'T ASK.
  2. Check your PMs'....
  3. What are PMSs.Pretend I'm stupid....I said PRETEND.+THANKS FOR THE HELP...
  4. What are PMSs.Pretend I'm stupid....I said PRETEND.+THANKS FOR THE HELP...

    sorry i didn't get that one.....must be because i'm Scottish....lol....you're pm's are you're private messages....mccurry must have been so kind as to sent you some info.....Peace out....Sid
  5. Sid,
    Thanks for the ''Heads Up'' on that ''PM'' thingie, I'm new to this ''FORUM stuff''
    ONCE AGAIN .....Thanks for the advice,just E-mailed mccurry last nite +can't wait to get that grow guide ,hope I didn't F...up too bad [probably not it'salmost a foot tall now.

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