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Male Vs. Female (Best Bud)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SirtoKeeAlot, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. hey hey.
    Wanna know what you all think is the best.. Male or Female bud as in what would contain most THC, CBD, CBN.:smoke::smoke:
  2. male plants dont produce buds
  3. Is this a serious post? Lol
  4. #4 BluntsToTheHead, Aug 6, 2011
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    Nice one. At OP weed is weed.
  5. Yeah, don't smoke male plants.... if anything you're smoking a large amount of pollen, which isn't pleasant to say the least. Most people say that even schwag/stress is "good" bud, but that's because that's all they have access too! but believe it or not, stress is the same as a male plant, and contains profuse amounts of seeds, stems and nasty pollen. You can't ever trust mexican brick weed these days...
  6. True but.... do you really want to leave this poor kid with that answer?
  7. *Sigh* Reaches for gun to blow brains out because human race has failed.

    Nah but really male plant's don't even produce any bud only female plants, Male plants are what are called hemp and they only produce pollen sacks to polinate the female's and NO there not smoke able, You can make hash from a male plant though.

    There this is a fucking stupid question but there's your answer and some info.
    Nothing wrong with being a newn, just do a bit of re search before starting a new thread ;).
  8. only female marijuana is smokeable
  9. .... I don't know HOW many times I will end up posting this video on this particular forum but come on maannnnn

    [ame=]‪Picard's Epic Double Facepalm‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
  10. Hemp is any cannabis grown for fiber and seed, not just males.

    As to the OP's question, it's a non sequitur since as noted here in this thread only females produce bud.

    Male plants do however have around 2/3 the THC of their female counterparts and can be made into some pretty good oil.
  11. does anyone know when the best time would be to start collecting the leaves....(when the leaves have the most thc content) my boy is full of sac's right now don't worry there are no females around.
  12. seriously man i found it not even worth it to try and make something out of your males.

    Whoever suggests using males for anything, i want to know if they actually ever really tried it themselves. Because there is SO LITTLE thc in them it is not worth it at all.

    If you made brownies, youd have to eat like more than an entire batch, results from bho were shitty too.
  13. Not much worth taking in the leaves. The flowers have the most on both male and female plants.

    Most growers should kill males and throw them away immediately. If you're not breeding there is no reason to even let them get close to pollinating. If a male is full of flowers the odds are good it's already starting to shed some pollen too. By the time they open up and dump they've already been creating fertile pollen for some time.

  14. Yeh, what i ment was the people who mass produce hemp use males more due to the fact that cannabis is illegal so is hemp in allot of places so they don't use females
  15. I don't understand your reasoning. Are you saying that hemp growers use males more because weed is illegal? You do realize that male and female plants fall under the same classification, share the same genus and are equally illegal, right?
  16. dude the male plant gets me soooooooo much higher
  17. Hemp is cannabis. They are the exact same species, and commercial hemp growers do not favor one gender over the other for the most part.

  18. One time when I was 15 and growing my first time. I had a male and cut off all the tops of would be budsites and dried it and rolled a fatass blunt. Well I ended up getting ripped.

    I think I've actually heard of pollen containing some thc im not 100 percent sure tho
  19. i heard if you grow a male plant, and put the entire thing stems and all into one fat joint and smoke it, it makes you high for 2 weeks

    also dont flush or cure it makes you higher

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