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  1. i ordered 20 beans from caliconnection seeds. 10 deadhead og, 10 larry og. primarily, I would like to mother the females and use the cuts. but how bout the males?
    out of the 20 beans, if i end up with 10 or so males can they be used to pollinate some other strains/clones? should i just choose a male that displays traits that i am after, like vigorous growth, strong smell, close node spacing, etc)?
    i know its ideal to grow out the offspring of each male to see what they produce before choosing a father, but can i just pick one that initially is growing strong and use its pollen on cuts i have available? I was thinking the male deadhead and male larry pollen can be used to cross several cuts that i have. am i on the right track? or should i just toss the males?
  2. This is by no means "legit breeding", but you can do this just fine. I'm doing something similar. You will need a separate sealed area to cross plants in so that no stray pollen will get into your sensimellia. I would select 1 male total or 1 from each and separate them so you have a single pollen source in any crosses(sorry if this is confusing, if it doesn't make sense ask)
    Do you have rooted female cuts ready?
    If so drop 1 or 2 of each clone you want to cross into its own room with a single male.
    This way you will come out with your own crosses that you know the genetics of.

  3. so lets say i end up with two nice males to work from, one deadhead og and one larry og. i can then use their pollen on some female cuts i have? (c99, spacequeen, og x gdp, chem 4) ?

    if thats the case, my next question is how do i go about getting the specified traits that i want out of each female cut?

    for example: the spacequeen cut i have is super vigorous in its growth patterns, super hardy (drought/disease resistant), and is a big yeilder. these three traits are what i would like to see passed on to offspring.

    lets say i use the larry og male (the one ive deemed worthy outa the bunch) to pollinate the spacequeen cut. i am hoping the larry og will pass on some of its bud structure characteristics, and basically the heavy og high it possesses.

    those seeds (larry og x spacequeen) will need to be grown out and then i look for the best cuts outa that bunch? ..the ones that are displaying all of my favored traits? then once i find a solid one i mother it out can use it for cuts (larry og x spacequeen)?

    seems like a long process but why not breeding seems fun, and a cool side project nonetheless. oh, and the c99 cut is super danky and it finishes really fast. i would love to get the fast finishing aspect of the c99 (six weeks) passed on to a deadhead og (9 weeks) . (deadhead og x c99)
  4. My first advice is if you want to keep 2 different males either take cuts of them or if they aren't to far along maybe reveg 1 while you pollinate with the other. Sounds like you have a pretty goo idea of what you are after. If the desired combination of traits aren't found in the offspring of the initial cross a back cross with the parent holding the desired trait maybe necessary. This can help pin down recessive traits and achieve better ratios of them in future generations.

    Example: Let's say a mother displaying a purple color trait is crossed with a green colored father. Green is the dominant allele and will therefore manifest in the majority of the offspring. But if a male offspring displaying the purple color trait is crossed back to the purple mother. A greater number of this new backcrossed offspring should display the purple color trait
  5. thanks for the super clear, super informative replies man. i am new to the breeding side of things, which is really interesting to me.

    another question for you. of the females i get from the calliconnection seeds, will they each display a separate phenotype variation, meaning some will be nice and others might turn out garbage? if i have 5 larry og moms, from seed, will all the cuts taken off them display 5 separate phenos?
  6. In my experience most phenos of strains from major breeders are decent. Garbage comes mostly from poor growing or poor genetics but most breeders use quality breeding stock in their programs. As to the number of phenos it can vary but you probably won't get as many as 5 although it can happen. Probably more like 2. Another way to lock down traits is by inbreeding. By crossing a male and a female from the same set of offspring you can focus on recombining specific traits without introducing new genetic information. However, repetitive inbreeding would eventually result in a plant with a very limited amount of genetic variation. This is a double edged sword as the plant would display nearly uniform growth among all offspring but would likely also suffer from reduced vigor and disease resistance. This is why phenos and genetic variety are important not just in plants but in humans and all forms of life. Let me know if you need anymore help/info. I will link you to a bit of reading on breeding here in a bit
  7. That inbreeding stuff your talking about is pretty cool.

    Its good to know that my moms will most Likely have a stable pheno variation.

    Im pretty dang excited about the new beans and deaner i def have some questions for you.. just gotta get some rest right now. peace:smoking:
  8. I've been thinking about breeding and I found an awesome thread.."Chimeras Female Breeding)...
    Should check it out very interesting,using silver spray (CS)..No males needed.....
  9. thanks for sharing that marky il be sure to check it out
  10. Np check it out tell me what u think...

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