Male Preflowers Day 24, Is this even possible?!

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  1. I'm only 24 days into veg since it popped out of the soil. I've been seeing these for 3-4 days now, so at roughly 20 days I think I already have male preflowers.

    What do you guys think?

    24 days in seems way to early to me to be seeing this but I can't really deny what I think I see :( :mad:

  2. yeah thats def a could wait to see if it turns into leaves put im sure thats a male
  3. Crazy... what's your light schedule?
  4. Wow that sucks.

    Is it just me or is this extremely early to see sex parts already?

  5. It's been on 24/7 the whole time.
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    drop it down to 18/6. plants need rest too. Yes, those are definitely male flowers.

    24/7 is good for clones but you want to give them some dark when vegging..22/2, 20/4, 18/6. pick one!:wave:

    What strain is it? It might be an autoflowering strain (lowrider).
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    Well thanks for the tip on the lighting, makes sense that they need rest too, and no rest equals stress...

    I don't know what strain it was, found a lone seed a couple years back in a stash of some great stuff I had and have been waiting to grow it. Whatever it was it was not just some mids bag seed, it definitely came from a named strain wherever it descended from, unfortunately I'm going to loose these really good genes it has...

    :( :mad:
  8. Ugh! That sucks!!:(
    Maybe, talk to some your friends. They might have some seeds laying around from some good shit they bought.
  9. i had a plant that was about the same age and had male flowers show too
  10. 24/7 is better than anything in the entire veg cycle, dont listen to other people without doing your research. Science has proven cannabis is the one plant that will benefit from 24 hours of light in the veg stage, I'd link all of you articles but ignorance is bliss if you want to get the real answer you will look for youself. I've done tons of hours of research on this and came to 1 conclusion, I WILL NEVER EVER CHANGE MY LIGHT CYCLE ON VEG.
  11. 24/0 definitely wont hurt them.

    When the lights are out the sugars and nutes stored in the upper parts of the plant get transported back down to the roots. If you don't want a strong root system than 24/0 is fine.

    Question. Is the advantage in paying for the extra electricity worth it in the yield at the end of the grow? Just because the plants are bigger doesn't necessarily mean that you are going to get more buds. The stronger the root system, the easier it is for the plant to feed all the budsites.

    Not trying to say anybody is wrong here. Just, is it worth it for your grow?

    A lot of other factors will have a part in the outcome as well.
  12. I've used 24/0 before with no problem and got female. I've done plenty of research before and know that there isn't anything wrong with 24 hours of light, it's just a matter of opinion. However what he said does make sense to me, it is a living organism, so who knows just because 24/0 works fine, doesn't mean they might like some rest too...

    Probably going to order some seeds from somewhere now. Just hope I have enough time. I was planning on having a harvest done by the end of May for Memorial day (need to supply myself for Sasquatch! Music Festival, I smoke way too much that weekend). I still have enough time I suppose.

    Still can't believe that is was showing signs of sex at around 20 days! I've never heard of that before! Crazy shit...

    If only I could get females to show at 20 days, of course they always take weeks into 12/12. hahahaha
  13. Just looked into lowryder's, wouldn't be surprised if thats what this one came from, would explain the early sexing I guess.

    Think I'm going to order something like lowryder #2 or some lowryder cross, seems like they will work out pretty good.

    I've seen lots on the board about lowryder before but never really looked into. Those of you that have used lowryders, what did you think of them?
  14. You couldnt be more wrong, my plants have such well developed roots when i pull them out of huge pots not 1 piece of soil falls out. This is laughable. DO the research on what the scientists in amsterdamn do or any medical growing facilities, numerous lab results say 24hours in veg is beneficial in every aspect of the veg cycle including roots, above soil growth, yields and potency.
  15. ok so here is what toasty would say......... hey guys this thread has gone on long enough the question was is this plant male not light schedules ....... answer is yes, is it possible at 24 days, obviously so...... now lets move :smoking:

  16. I should have snapped a shot of the male I pulled the other day's roots, I used 24/0 for a month of vegging and my stalks are like trees and the roots are big white and healthy. Just sharing my personal experience...
  17. I see you didn't bother to answer my question in the post that you quoted. I also said at the end of the post that a lot of other factors play a roll also. You didn't bother seeing that either did you?

    I don't care if researchers have had good results. They have millions of dollars to spend on building growrooms with the best equipment and environments to make it condusive to growing in 24/0 and an unlimited electrical bill budget.

    I'll ask again. Is the advantage in paying for the extra electricity worth it in the yield at the end of the grow?

    Where I live a 400w light on 18/6 would cost $19.87 a month. At 24/0 it is $26.50. I know the difference doesn't look that drastic, but if you are running all your other equipment and had 3-4 1000w'ers running. Well, that would be a big difference.

    If you are not going to answer it again then don't don't bother responding to my post.

    I will try and find some research that you suggested so I can have a better opinion next time.
  18. I've been running 48 hour days and it's been working really well too. 44 hours light and 4 hours dark, and I have to say I'm happy with my results.

    And yeah, it's gotta be an auto-flowering gene in that plant.
  19. Don't mean to beat the subject to death, but I did read that for autoflowers the breeders recommend an 18/6 light cycle for it's entire life cycle. As for 24/0 All I found was why it would work because of the science behind it. Yes you get better veg growth but final yield wasn't as good as a light cycle with darkness.

    Here is a link to an actual test that was done with marijuana.

    20/4 is the best for yield

    This was done using sativa and sativa dominant strains. No indica was used, so those results might be different!
  20. Lol vote yes u linked a forum? that proves nothing. And to the other guy i was chatting with sorry i didnt answer your question, i veg under cfls so thats cheap as fuck and i grow monsters under them oops sorry not cfls just t-8 flourecents.

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