male preflower showing - how long until I have to get rid of it

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Smiley Coyote, May 25, 2010.

  1. I am a week to two from entering 12/12 and I am seeing a handful of preflowers, and only one plant is showing extremely pronounced little pods at this point - an obvious male. Should I remove it immediately or wait until I enter 12/12 or even a week or more into it. I simply want it to grow as many young leaves as possible before I perform triage and have a smoke.

  2. I assume you know you can't smoke males.

    But beyond that, unless you're collecting pollen, and you are SURE it's male, get rid of that thing.

  3. you can, they just have nowhere near the amount of thc that a female produces :p

    I'd make tea out of the male.. mmm tasty... or if your not down for killing it, go plant it somewhere in a forest or something.
  4. How would you make that tea?
  5. first off you can smoke males, there just like mids. But what i do with my males is make hash with them. u can remove it now or later doesnt really matter, just the longer u wait the more chance it will pollinate ur girls, u shuold be able to tell when that is because the balls will look like there about to burst

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