male pollin sacs??????

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by rottenske, Jun 4, 2003.

  1. i want to pollinate a female and i want to know 1st.when to remove the male from the other plants?2nd.wjhen they are ready to release the pollinand 3rd how to safely pollinate the plant without pollinating the others ???????
  2. HIGH All, me I cull All the males except for the best. The male plant shows it's sex (god I love that word) first and as soon as I can identify the males out they go. I keep the male I want in the room till the pollen saks become more visable then into a room All by it's self and when the first saks start to open I cut O.F.F.F. 3 or 4 branchs and put into water over a mirror to collect the pollen. When enough pollen is collected I pick the female which will be pollinated, have to make sure no fans are on and then grab my little paint brush and some pollen and pollinate the two lower branches. Doing two branches will give me enough seed for what I want.

    Here's a pic of the males branches I cut O.F.F.F. and put over a over a mirror.

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  3. look a Blow plant! :p

  4. hahahaa - good one

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