Male? / Pollen? / Hermaphrodite? / Seeds?

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  1. Not sure where to post this. I have gotten great help here in the past.

    Second pass. Two plants. One was removed as both of us determined it to ve a male. This one looked like a sure female in pre flower. But, it looks strange. It looks like there's pollen involved. These little sacks open up in a star shape then fall off. If this a male, hermaphrodite, or sick plant?

    Pics attached.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Looks like a male plant
  3. male def are those bagseed?
  4. Male. Wtf is the contraption in the second pic?
  5. @ zoomme it looks like an ebb and flow drain but I could be wrong thats def a male 100%
  6. [quote name='"Bossvegeta1"']@ zoomme it looks like an ebb and flow drain but I could be wrong thats def a male 100%[/quote]

    I'm looking at it on my phone but it looks, different.
  7. Is there any chance it's a hermaphrodite?
  8. It's an ebb and flow drain. My system is a drip to drain in a flood tray.
  9. No sir a hermie would have some seeded buds on it buy now check if you see some then get rid of that and wipe every thing in your grow room down 2-3 times so you don't get pollen in your next grwow that shat gets every where.
  10. I wiped everything down thoroughly with diluted bleach spray. Plus, it's going to be more than a month before I start my next grow. I read it's only effective for one month. Is that correct?
  11. Just make sure you wiped everything good I did a grow 6 months later and had seeds in a few of my plats being for personal use it wasnt a prob but alot of pepeole just dont like seeds in there smoke.
  12. male pollen goes sterile after 14 days outside of the male plant

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