Male pollen during 18 hour veg, HELP

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    Wow, I thought I had seen it all. I'm an experienced grower both indoor and out. I've been running my veg room kinda cool during the night with the reservoir temps pretty low. I was having some seriously slow growth. My plants turned out like little fucking shrubs. I even have one that has flowered and turned out being male. I pulled him out and he's already producing pollen. I don't know what the hell is going on. I can't find mention of this in any of my books (Ed rosenthal and jorge cervantes). Now I'm supposed to be a week away from transferring to my flower room and they are all about a foot too short. I thought about turning the lights to 24 hour from 18, but i'm afraid that will completely screw them up this close to going into veg. It has actually happened with several strains, under several different lights. I always thought that it was a light issue. Hopefully someone has had this problem and can answer a few questions.

    1) Why did this happen in the first place? Temps? Light?
    2) How do I keep this from happening again?
    3) How can a photoperiod plant turn into an Auto-flower?
    4) Should I keep any of the pollen from this one male for future breeding, and would it end up making all its kids an Auto flowering strain?

    I understand not everyone will be able to answer ALL the questions, but feel free to answer what you can. I have included a couple of pics.

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  2. i have heard low heat in dark period can stunt them maybe you should try putting a radiator in there over night and see if the problem correts itself. other than that they look green and healthy

  3. Yea, I just recently (within the last week) added a heater with thermostat and put in a water heater. Keeping the room at 65 (75 under the lights) and the reservoir temps at 66. I'm hoping that pulls them out of their funk. I just don't know if that's what caused the stress to begin with. Thanks for your input though.
  4. also ive read that the diffrence between the temps at night and day can stunt them but i am not too sure how big a diffrence is okay since ive never had the problem anyways good luck.
  5. Anyone else?
  6. Below 55f you will have stunting. I drop my flowers to 60-65 every night. This and flushing help bring out color late in flower

  7. Ok, well I guess my water res. heater and my portable heater might do the trick. I hope they come out of their funk pretty soon or I may have to finish veging them in the flower room. Thanks for your help peeps.
  8. Glad I finally know more than everyone else. And it only took 4 years. lol
  9. males dont need a photo-period sometimes. ive had this happen where in my last crop of 15, 5 males turned befor i even flowered, while the others followed after the switch(2 more).
  10. it seems some males do not get quite as effect by photo-period as females. this little beauty was on 24/0

  11. Wow, that's new to me. Thanks for both your inputs. Makes me feel a little better about keeping the pollen for a little seed breeding. Would love to cross my og with one of these chemo males.
  12. that male pictured gave me shit loads of pollen. I was collecting every other day for about 2 weeks. each bag was packaged up with silica gel and some was refrigerated and some went in the deep freeze. im hoping I can keep some viable for when my white widows are budding.

    the little dude has an awesome bloodline, his mother was the best plant I have ever had. I just hope he took some of her great traits with him

    here's one of the bags...


  13. That's a buttload of pollen dude. That one bag of pollen is enough to propagate an entire room full of girls. lol

  14. enough to pollinate a field full dude lol

  15. That's true, unless the room is as big as a field. I've seen them in b.c.
  16. Soooooo, it's been a week and the plants weren't coming out of their funk very fast. I decided to transplant them into the flower room and just run the 2 thousand watters for a week and see if it helps. They have been under the big lights for 5 days now and they still haven't come out of it. Started the c02 this morning hoping that this will kick them into gear. I'm sure i'm being impatient right now, but they should have been growing like weeds by now. Fuck this shit is frustrating.

  17. Generally you want the dark period temps to be cooler than the daytime temps. as for the 18/6 light, I think you should stick with that I noticed that most of the plants did most if not all its growth during the dark period.

  18. I'm running the two 1000's at 18 hours until the plants get to be 18 inches. Then I'll switch to 12 hour. The daytime temps were kinda cool. They averaged 73 degrees during day and 68 at night. Now I have the co2 running so I will end up keeping the room around 80 during day and still 65 to 68 at night.

  19. How long have you been in the veg stage and whats the current height

  20. The plants were stunted for soo long that all my male seeds started flowering under 18 hour light. This is quite convenient for any future seeds I want to grow outside. Now I know I don't have to sex them out before I plant in the garden. I think it's been like 2 months and only the clones have come out of their funk. The seeded plants are starting to take off now. I'm thinking another week or so of 18 hour then I can flip them. The shortest plants from my seeds are like 6 inches tall and the tallest are about 12 inches. My clones are already at 18 inches so I'll end up topping them once the others get to 18 inches. Here are some pics of the current setup. Those are 5 gallon buckets to give some perspective. I went all crazy this go around and planted like 5 different strains in the room. UBC Chemo, Goo, Northern Lights, Bubblegum Kush, and my Killer mother Holy Grail Kush. Man did she turn out a winner. Probably the best strain I've ever had. I can't wait for her to grow to her full potential. Anyhoo, here are the pics........

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